Unprofessional Wrestling: The Hero

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Going into TNT’s “The Hero,” you should fully expect to see one professional wrestler. This reality competition features is Wrestler/Movie Star/Host The Rock in Panama City. In it, he puts 9 contestants through the rigors of challenges – Physical Challenges, Mental Challenges, Team Challenges and Hero (Solo) Challenges – in order to win money for both the collective pot and the American Red Cross but also to determine which among them is the truest “Hero.”
Image Courtesy of TNT

It turns out that one of the contestants is a professional wrestler! And Shaun Ricker was in ‘wrestler mode’ throughout the show: each of his confessionals sounds like he’s cutting a promo on the other contestants and America. He’s quickly earned notoriety for being the first one to take a ‘Temptation,’ money that The Rock – in a not very heroic gesture – offered contestants at random; however, accepting this offer sabotages the group challenges. When Shaun’s took the $35,000 temptation, it cost the teammates the Group Challenge and left him as the top Heel of the show. He was the first one eliminated once the opportunity presented itself.

Image Courtesy of TNT

But there is good news for Shaun. He has been signed to WWE Developmental contract. Hopefully, he’ll resist further temptations, and make fewer enemies in the WWE Performance Center. But wait, yet another wrestler appeared on The Hero! During the 5th episode of the show, ‘Honesty,’ the group challenged involved 3 contestants running through a bus graveyard to find 3 specific buses. Yup, a graveyard. And you can’t mention graveyards and wrestling without this man appearing:

It’s the Undertaker! or, rather, a reasonable depiction of the WWE’s Last Outlaw. His appearance is a reminder that wrestlers are heroes too, even when their heels. Also, it serves as a reminder that while “The Hero” may be The Rock’s show, everything is the Undertaker’s Yard, even bus graveyards in Panama City! Will this result in The Rock versus The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30? Let’s hope no one takes this temptation awaits.

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