So That Happened: 07/22/13 (The Daniel Bryan Show)

RAW begins with a drumroll, followed by Brad Maddox welcomes us all to Monday Night RAW in Austin, Texas.

Brad Maddox pats himself on the back for his decision last week on RAW, then says tonight there will be an official contract signing between John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Brad Maddox introduces John Cena.

Brad Maddox asks John Cena why he would choose Daniel Bryan over anyone else on the roster. Cena tells Maddox that he let him choose any WWE Superstar, and he listened to the WWE Universe, so he chose Daniel Bryan. Brad Maddox starts to make accusations that Cena only chose Daniel Bryan because he’s bigger and stronger than him, and that not only does Bryan resemble a troll, but he’s severely unstable.

Daniel Bryan says that he and the WWE Universe disagree with Brad Maddox’s accusations. Maddox tries to ask Bryan why he thinks Cena chose Bryan for his Summerslam Opponent, but Cena cuts Maddox off and explains why he chose Bryan as his opponent. Cena says that the “dumbasses” that run this company are afraid to see God given talent and ability.

John Cena confronts Brad Maddox out on his questions about size and strength. Cena takes off the WWE Championship, throws it in Maddox’s direction and tells him if size is everything, go to the back and give the title to The Great Khali.

John Cena lists Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero as examples of smaller guys who were WWE Champion and prove that ability and passion make a WWE Champion. Not just size and strength.

John Cena tells Daniel Bryan that he chose him for this match because he earned and deserves it. Cena says that being the WWE Champion is about facing the absolute best competition of all times. Cena says he picked Bryan to compete in this match and just because he was given the opportunity, doesn’t mean he’s going to hand Bryan the WWE Championship. Cena signs the contract then tells Daniel Bryan that he is the Best competition in the WWE right now, but at Summerslam, he will prove that even the best isn’t good enough.

Daniel Bryan signs the tries to speak, but Brad Maddox cuts him off and starts hyping the Main Event at Summerslam. Bryan yells “NO!!!” then tells Maddox that he doesn’t get to interrupt him. Bryan says he’s waited his entire career for this opportunity and that he deserves it. Maddox says that although John Cena and a vocal minority of the WWE Universe thinks Bryan deserve it, he’s going to give Maddox the opportunity to prove his critics wrong with a match tonight.

Brad Maddox corrects himself and says that he’s actually putting Daniel Bryan in multiple matches tonight. Maddox asks if he thinks Daniel Bryan will actually prove himself, then starts a “NO!” chant. The crowd responds by chanting “YES!”

 Maddox’s Daniel Bryan impression is more of a Ying Yang Twins Impression

Match 01: #ScumbagSheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bruise on #ScumbagSheamus’ leg is very visible and disgusting.

Sheamus goes for White Noise, but his legs gives out and Alberto Del Rio covers him.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: Renee Young welcomes Booker T and Teddy Long then asks them about Mr. McMahon’s decision to let Vickie Guerrero get hired. Booker T says he respects Mr. McMahon’s decision, but he was a bit shocked. Teddy Long says he filled in for Booker T for 3 months while Booker T was sitting at home with his feet up. Booker T argues with Teddy Long saying he had surgery, but Teddy Long brings up that he did a lot for Booker T and being thrown out of Smackdown. Booker T tells Teddy Long that he’s gonna throw him out of the building if he doesn’t shut up. Teddy Long says all Booker T does is physical violence and if he wasn’t going to be named Smackdown GM, maybe Booker T made the right call.

Match 02: Christian vs. Titus O’Neil

Winner: Christian

Backstage: Josh Mathews-

…Josh Mathews asks Ryback about his recent actions then tells him that some people think Ryback enjoys intimidating others. Ryback says he does then starts intimidating Josh Mathews because he’s average size. Ryback says that Mathews is average like everyone in the WWE Universe and he hates average. Ryback tells Josh Mathews that people like him deserve to be intimated by people like Ryback and if he’s not intimidated, he’ll give him a reason.

Mark Henry Speaks:

Mark Henry says he’s proud of the fact that he’s a born and raised Texan and the effort he put in against John Cena. What he’s not proud about is what The Shield did to him last week. Henry says his heart doesn’t pump Koolaid. He’s raised from tough stuff and anyone who takes a whooping like he did is willing to give one out. Henry says he’s not gonna sit out here and lull the WWE Universe to sleep. He’s wide awake. And if The Shield wants him, he’s right here.

The Shield comes out and attacks Mark Henry.

Mark Henry starts to get the upperhand, but The Shield wins the numbers game. The Usos run out for the save.

The Usos and Mark Henry clear the ring of The Shield. The Shield retreats.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan shadowboxes until John Cena interrupts him. Bryan asks Cena if he’s here to wish him luck, but Cena tells Daniel Bryan that he doesn’t think Brad Maddox is making his own decisions tonight. Bryan says he appreciates Cena picking him as his Summerslam opponent, but tonight, he’ll be fine on his own. Cena tells Bryan that he wants him to make it to Summerslam in one piece, but Bryan says doesn’t care how many opponents he has to face tonight and knows if Cena was in the same position, Cena would say the same thing. Bryan says this is an opportunity to prove that he belongs here and tonight, he’s going to fight and win. Bryan asks Cena not to deprive him of this opportunity and if Cena does, it will prove that everything Cena said about Bryan was a load of crap.

Match 03: Dolph Ziggler vs. Darren Young

Darren Young gets the upperhand!

Darren Young starts to talk trash, but Dolph Ziggler hits the Zig Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Post-Match, Big E. Langston tries to attack Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler ends up outsmarting Big E. Langston and AJ Lee.

MizTV With The Cast Of Total Divas: 

The Miz welcomes us to MizTV then announces that he’s going to be the Official Host of Summerslam.

The Miz starts to hype Total Divas then shows a clip of the show.

The Miz introduces the cast of Total Divas: The Bellas, Eva Marie, Jo Jo, Natalya, and Cameron and Naomi.

After introducing the Divas, The Miz decides to turn MizTV over to Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Jerry Lawler introduces himself to Jo Jo and Eva Marie and shakes Jo Jo’s hand. Lawler tries to shake Eva Marie’s hand, but she tells him that she doesn’t like how Lawler’s looking at her. Eva Marie says that she’s here to make a name for herself.

Eva Marie slaps Jerry Lawler in the face then sits down next to The Bella Twins.

Backstage: Triple H walks into Brad Maddox’s office and wonders why Maddox doesn’t think Daniel Bryan is Championship Material. Before Maddox can answer, Triple H says it sounds like someone put words in Maddox’s mouth. Before Maddox can answer again, Triple H says he doesn’t care what the old man thinks. Triple H thinks Daniel Bryan is the future and can overcome any obstacle thrown on him. Word problem about trains.

Triple H tells Brad Maddox that there’s two trains leaving the station (The Future and The Dead End) and that Brad Maddox to choose which train he wants to be on.

Brad Maddox turns around and is greeted by Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie McMahon says she feels for Brad Maddox for being in this situation, but she has an idea. All she needs is for Brad Maddox to get on board with it. Maddox agrees to get on board.

Match 04: Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes (w/ Damien Sandow on Commentary)

Cody Rhodes hits a Double Beautiful Disaster on Fandango and Damien Sandow, then a Crossroads on Fandango.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

CM Punk Speaks:

CM Punk says last week he got his ass kicked by Brock Lesnar. Punk says he realized he was dealing with a genetic freak, but no matter how hard Lesnar threw him and beat him down, he stood up. Punk runs down the lists of injuries he has, but says he’s still standing. Punk says the thing about a Brock Lesnar ambush is that Brock Lesnar can beat him down, but not keep him down.

CM Punk runs down Brock Lesnar’s accolades in the NCAA, WWE and UFC, then brings up Lesnar’s rivalries with Cena, Triple H and The Undertaker. Punk says Brock Lesnar’s biggest weapon is not his technique or fighting skill, it’s fear. Punk says he’s seen some of the toughest men in the locker room of instilled with fear, but he is not afraid of Paul Heyman’s Monster, Brock Lesnar.

CM Punk switches gears to Paul Heyman. Punk says Heyman had a decision to make, but he made the wrong one and he’s going to pay for it every day for the rest of his life. Punk says it doesn’t matter what Heyman or Lesnar thinks, this is Punk’s ring. Punk says he’s proven it against the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker and The Rock, and would’ve done it ot Lesnar if Heyman didn’t stab him in the back. CM Punk says there will not be a third sneak attack. Punk will make Heyman pay.

CM Punk says he’s not going to pretend that Brock Lesnar isn’t a monster, but monsters are made to be slaughtered and he will slaughter Brock Lesnar. CM Punk challenges Brock Lesnar to a match of Summerslam and wants The Best vs. The Beast.

Paul Heyman appears via satellite and talks about the cleverness of “The Best vs. The Beast.” Punk asks Heyman if he’s here or by satellite then says if he’s here, he’s going to go back there, find him, grab him by the fat of his neck and bring him out here.

Paul Heyman mocks CM Punk for playing “hero” to Texans, who are lower than people and animals. Heyman continues to mock Texas then says Brock Lesnar has an interesting theory about heroes: “Show me a hero and I’ll show you a coward that ran out of options, or a fool who is just too stupid to stay down.” Heyman asks CM Punk if he’s a coward or a fool.

CM Punk says he’ll give the answer to Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Heyman says that this bothers him, but Punk cuts him off saying what bothers him is that Heyman is doing this via satellite. Punk demands for Heyman to tell him where he is and says he’ll drive, fly or walk over there to kick his ass.

Paul Heyman says that it really bothers him that to this day is that CM Punk doesn’t realize that together, they were WWE Champion for 434 Days. Heyman says that Brock Lesnar is in his peak form as a fighter while CM Punk is all beaten up from the Money In The Bank and the beating from Brock Lesnar. Heyman accepts CM Punk’s challenge against Brock Lesnar, then tells him to stop calling this “The Best vs. The Beast” because The Best IS The Beast. Not only that, he’s the Best In The World and Paul Heyman’s Best Friend: Brock Lesnar.

What Paul Heyman really wanted to say: 

Match 05: Rob Van Dam vs. Wade Barrett

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The Daniel Bryan Gauntlet:

Zeb Colter comes out with The Real Americans. Colter rants about Steven F. Austin, the Father of Texas being disappointed in what Texas is like now. Colter continues to rant on Texas for chanting simple things like “YES!” and says shame on Daniel Bryan because he’s just like these people because he doesn’t mind taking a handout.

Zeb Colter says that Daniel Bryan won’t like The Real Americans are gonna hand out to him tonight, which is a beating. Colter says Bryan is gonna “learn tonight” then asks everyone to rise to their feet, put their hand over their heart and say “WE THE PEOPLE!”

Match 06: Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger taunts then get puts in the YES! Lock

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Match 07: Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan gets knocked off the top rope right into a European Uppercut from Cesaro!

Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro get into an Uppercut Off!

Antonio Cesaro gets the upperhand…and it is BRUTAL.

Antonio Cesaro tosses Daniel Bryan up in the air, but Bryan counters with a Small Package!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Backstage: Alex Riley is shown talking to Brad Maddox about Daniel Bryan. Maddox says we’ll see how Bryan does against his next opponent.

Match 08: Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

Ryback goes for a table.

Daniel Bryan locks the YES! Lock on Ryback.

Ryback drops Daniel Bryan with a Powerbomb through the Table.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (Via DQ)

Post-Match, John Cena chases Ryback off.

John Cena calls Ryback out on taking the coward’s way out, then challenges Ryback to a tables Match next week.

Backstage: Mr. McMahon questions the results of the gauntlet match with Brad Maddox. Maddox talks about the Tables Match with John Cena and Ryback, but McMahon wants something for Daniel Bryan. McMahon hints at a match between Daniel Bryan and Kane and Maddox makes it for next week.

So That Happened:

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