So That Happened: 07/15/13 (LIVE! From The Barclay’s Center)

RAW begins with a drumroll that reveals none other than Brad “Heartthrob GM” Maddox.

Despite being booed out the building, Brad Maddox tries to hype up the first RAW in Brooklyn and the first RAW of the Brad Maddox Era. Maddox’s first decision as RAW GM is a Money In The Bank Rematch between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Maddox talks about wanting to be the greatest RAW GM of all time until he is interrupted by John Cena.

John Cena and his BFF, Stu The Cameraman!

John Cena tells his BFF, Stu The Cameraman, to welcome to the Five Boroughs. Stu knows the Five Boroughs well as he is also the official cameraman of Jay-Z. John Cena talks about the Maddox Era, then tells Maddox that he’s already made it. Cena wraps an arm around Maddox then tells him to embrace this moment, because this will be the only time that the person standing in the ring next to Maddox is more hated than him. Cena hypes the crowd and Maddox’s potential as a RAW GM. Maddox starts to tell John Cena about how much he admires him then allows Cena to choose his own opponent at Summerslam.

The crowd starts chanting “YES” but John Cena starts to question Maddox’s decision. Cena says if he wanted, he could wrestle Doc Hendrix, Dutch Mantell or Michael Cole. Cena tells Cole he won’t wrestle him because he wrestles like a girl, then realizes he could also wrestle one of The Bella Twins.

Reminder: Total Divas debuts 2 weeks from now, July 28th, on E! 

 John Cena continues to rant until Randy Orton comes out and interrupts him. Randy Orton tells Brad Maddox to be careful and to not get too far ahead of himself because there’s a very good chance that come Summerslam, that John Cena will not be Champion. Orton tells Cena that he’s not cashing in tonight because he doesn’t want to make the same stupid mistake Cena did last year. Orton believes you should take advantage of opportunities given to you and being straight up. Orton tells Cena that when he cashes in his Money In The Bank Contract, Cena will never see it coming.

Randy Orton is interrupted by Fandango! And Brooklyn starts Fandangoing.

Randy Orton gets upset that Fandango interrupted him, but Fandango cuts Orton off again to tell him that he won’t be cashing in his Money In The Bank on John Cena, he will be cashing in against Fandango. Fandango tells Cena that there is only one man that the entire WWE Universe wants to see face him and his name is…

FANNNNNNNNNN…(John Cena tries to say it)

….DANNNNNNNNNN….(Cena tries to say it)



Randy Orton and Fandango brawl until Brad Maddox makes Fandango vs. Randy Orton an official match.

Match 01: Randy Orton vs. Fandango

The Brooklyn crowd turns against Randy Orton and starts chanting several differing chants that have little to nothing to do with the match.

The crowd starts doing the Wave again!

Randy Orton hits the RKO on Fandango.

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage: AJ Lee walks up to Dolph Ziggler apologizing about last night, but Ziggler tells her to stop apologizing and that it’s time to move on. AJ is happy to hear that and hugs him, but Dolph tells AJ that she doesn’t understand and that it’s time for him to move on from her. Dolph takes AJ’s hands off of him, tells them they’re done, and walks off.

Mark Henry Speaks:

Mark Henry talks about his match against John Cena at Money In The Bank, saying that he gave it all he had and took Cena to his limits, but Cena still prevailed. After shutting down the WWE Universe for chanting “You Tapped Out,” Henry lobbies for another match against Cena again, until he’s interrupted by The Shield!

Rather than run away from The Shield, Mark Henry calmly takes off his jacket.

The Shield tries to attack Mark Henry, but Henry fends them off.

Until Roman Reigns hits Mark Henry with a spear.

The Shield attacks Mark Henry, then lift him up for the Triple Powerbomb!

Backstage: Brad Maddox in on the phone with his Mom, until he’s interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho tells Maddox that his first night as GM is a lot of pressure for a 15/16 year old, then mocks Maddox’s extra tight shirt. Maddox has a “stroke of genius” and believes Y2J should impress John Cena tonight by taking on former WWE Champion….Rob Van Dam! Jericho agrees then tells Maddox that if he keeps making decisions like this, he’ll have a bright future.

Match 02: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler hits multiple elbows on Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio mocks Dolph Ziggler,

Dolph Ziggler hits a Top Rope Rocker Dropper!

Dolph Ziggler almost wins the match, but someone rings the bell. Dolph realizes it was AJ Lee then gets distracted.

Alberto Del Rio takes advantage and kicks Dolph Ziggler in the head.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Post-Match, AJ Lee gets in the ring then starts slapping Dolph Ziggler while screaming that she broke his heart. Big E. Langston comes from out of nowhere and clotheslines Ziggler!

Big E. Langston drops Dolph Ziggler with the Big Ending.

Post-Match, AJ Lee gives Dolph Ziggler one more kiss, then stands over him before leaving with Big E. Langston.

R-Truth Returns:

R-Truth gets ready to do his whole “What’s Up Routine” but he is interrupted by The Wyatt Family!

After the lights come back on, The Wyatt Family attacks R-Truth.

Bray Wyatt takes the mic and says there is no such thing as a hero anymore and that the people have become addicted to the illusion of what a hero is and does. Wyatt says people need someone to pat them on the back and tuck them into bed and tell them everything’s alright, but everything is NOT Alright. Wyatt asks the WWE Universe what if he told them that the man that made us was not only a liar, but turned his back on us? 

Honestly, guys? Check out the promo. My summary won’t do this any justice…

R-Truth gets back in the ring with a chair, but Luke Harper and Eric Rowan stand in front of him.

Bray Wyatt sends Harper and Rowan out of the ring and extends his arms telling R-Truth to bring it and screaming “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”

After Wyatt’s Scream impersonation, Wyatt attacks R-Truth and the beatings continue. The Wyatt Family stands over a fallen R-Truth and says he is not the Truth they seek. Wyatt tells Kane to “Follow The Buzzards.”

Match 03: The Real Americans vs. The Usos

Zeb Colter rants about Brooklyn being the melting pot of America, then says all he hears on the streets of Brooklyn is people speaking Spanish, Greek, I-talian and something called “Yiddish.” Colter asks where The English is and says Brooklyn needs to change itself from “Melting Potty” to “Port-a-potty.” Colter rants about Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger’s losses at Money In The Bank, then emplores John Cena to choose either Cesaro or Swagger to face him at Summerslam. Colter ends his rant by saying “We The People” with Cesaro and Swagger. The Usos win the WWE App poll to face the Real Americans.

Winners: The Usos

Match 04: Damien Sandow vs. Christian

Winner: Christian

Post-Match, Damien Sandow says that he is STILL the Intellectual Savior of Money In The Bank, but he gets speared and attacked by Cody Rhodes!

After referees separate them, Damien Sandow runs away with the Money In The Bank. Cody Rhodes stands in the ring while the crowd cheers him.

Earlier Today: Vickie Guerrero is seen protesting the decision to make Brad Maddox RAW GM and trying to get her job back.

Match 05: Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) vs. Naomi (with Cameron)

Winner: Naomi

CM Punk calls out Paul Heyman:

CM Punk immediately calls out Paul Heyman. Heyman walks out and says that he is looking at an empty ring because in his world, CM Punk does not exist. Heyman reminds CM Punk about the WWE having no vision for him in 2005 and says that CM Punk was a figment of Heyman’s imagination. Heyman tells CM Punk that he martyred his entire career for him, and then together, they were the reigning, defending, WWE Champion for 434 Days. Heyman says that together, they also came close to beating The Undertaker’s streak and together, THEY were Best In The World. Heyman tells Punk that without him, CM Punk is not the Best In The World.

Paul Heyman mocks the people who keep asking him about why he betrayed CM Punk and how people want the truth. Heyman says he avoids the truth, because it is a much bitter pill to swallow, but will reveal it now. Heyman claims Punk failed the both of them when he lost to The Undertaker and went to go find himself. Heyman says that when Punk came back to the WWE, Punk suddenly thought he was better than him. Heyman revealed he lied and manipulated CM Punk so he can never claim that CM Punk dumped Paul Heyman. Heyman dumped CM Punk.

Paul Heyman mocks CM Punk for wanting to keep his relationship personal and says he decided to make it as personal as possible. Heyman says CM Punk has no family, no wife or children. All Punk has is the WWE Universe’s the admiration, and respect, which the crowd goes crazy for. Heyman says all CM Punk wants and needs in his life is the WWE Championship, but since Punk took his best friend away, Heyman took away Punk’s WWE Championship Opportunity. Heyman tells Punk that as bad as a reputation he has at business, he’s a whole lot worse personally.

Paul Heyman says the kicker to this is that Punk who made him swear on his children, but it was his children which made him see the life. Heyman imitates his children asking questions about Brock Lesnar and CM Punk then tells Punk the reason that he double crossed him was because CM Punk can’t beat Brock Lesnar.

After a loud CM Punk chant, Punk takes the mic and asks Heyman if he’s done.

CM Punk says he found out last night that the truth really hurts, and although he should’ve seen it coming, he trusted Paul Heyman. Punk says all he has to show for his truth is 13 staples in his head. Punk says another truth is that Heyman knows him better than anyone, if he’s lying, and that if Punk wants something bad enough, he is the most relentless man on the planet, and he will not stop until he gets it.

CM Punk says the truth is, he’s going to get Paul Heyman and this time, he swears on Heyman’s children that he’s going to get him. Punk also plans to get anyone who conspired against him, had knowledge of it, or enjoyed it. Punk says anybody who tries to stand between the two of them he will get his hands on, rip apart and hurt. CM Punk says the truth is Paul Heyman doesn’t have a future because he’s going to burn down everything until Heyman is the last man standing. Then, Punk is going to keep him alive long enough to look Heyman in the eye and hurt him worst of all. Punk asks Heyman to tell him if he’s lying.

Paul Heyman tells CM Punk that he’s not lying, but since Punk wants to talk about his future, Heyman will spell out Punk’s immediate future. Heyman mocks Punk’s entrance then says “IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!” Suddenly, Brock Lesnar’s music plays.

Paul Heyman cheapshots CM Punk, but Punk and Lesnar brawl. CM Punk tries his hardest, but is too weak to fight. Brock Lesnar throws him around like a ragdoll.

Despite being thrown into the table and the poll, CM Punk keeps fighting back. Brock Lesnar F-5’s CM Punk on the table.

Lesnar stands on the table and stands over a fallen Punk while Paul Heyman screams “STAY OUT OF MY LIFE.”

After Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman leave, CM Punk tries to refuse medical assistance and tries to walk away, but is in too much pain.

Backstage: John Cena is walking backstage until The Great Khali asks him in Punjab for a match against him at Summerslam. Cena respons in Punjab, which Khali seems to enjoy.

Backstage: Brad Maddox sees Stephanie McMahon in his office and tries to say hello, but Stephanie is on the phone. After hanging up, Stephanie asks Maddox how his first night is going. Maddox says it’s going well, but Stephanie tells him she wasn’t asking him. Maddox turns around and sees Triple H standing behind him.

Triple H says he thinks Brad Maddox is doing a great job so far. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ask Maddox is he discussed his Summerslam Main Event Plans. Maddox says he tried, but he couldn’t find him. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon tell Maddox that they don’t think Mr. McMahon will be happy that Maddox left the decision up to the Superstars, especially since a certain Superstar might get picked. They would love it, but Mr. McMahon would hate it.

Triple H mocks the way Brad Maddox was hired, but Stephanie McMahon thinks it’ll all work out just fine. Triple H wishes Brad Maddox best of luck on his future endeavors then walks off as Stephanie assures he’ll be okay.

Match 06: Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho drops Rob Van Dam with a Powerbomb.

A “This Is Awesome!” Chant Breaks Out.

An ECW Chant Breaks Out.

Rob Van Dam breaks out a new move!

Chris Jericho kicks out and ends up locking in the Walls Of Jericho!

After a series of near falls, Rob Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Chris Jericho!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The Decision: 

The WWE Superstars are standing on the ramp waiting for John Cena to make his decision. Cena’s music plays and they allow him to walk past.

John Cena gets ready to announce his opponent at Summerslam for the WWE Championship, but says he can’t do it because he hasn’t made his decision yet.

John Cena says he’s listened to several Superstars, but he forgot to listen to the most important voice of all, the WWE Universe. Cena says he and the Universe don’t see eye-to-eye and that they’re a little tough on him, but he wants to make a match that the Universe wants to see and needs their help.

John Cena draws attention to the WWE Superstars on the roster. Cena says he’s going to say some names and gauge the crowd’s reactions. John Cena mentions the birthday boy Heath Slater and 3MB and the crowd boos.

John Cena asks about Randy Orton (Mixed Reaction), The Great Khali (Boos), Alberto Del Rio (Louder Boos), Chris Jericho (Cheers), Rob Van Dam (Louder Cheers), Fandango (Mixed Reaction/Fandangoing), Ryback (Boos) and Sheamus (Who gets booed!)

John Cena asks if there’s anyone he’s forgetting and he’s hit with loud “YES!” chants. Cena thanks the WWE Universe and says he’s made his decision. John Cena is about to announce it, but is cut off by a loud Daniel Bryan chant. Cena says he respects the beard and deserves this decision and this match. Cena says if this person chooses to accept his challenge, they will make Summerslam an awesome match. Cena selects….Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan “YESes’” down to the ring as the crowd joins him.

Bryan “YESses” in John Cena’s face as the crowd continues to chant with him.

RAW ends with Bryan and the WWE Universe screaming “YES!”

So That Happened:

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