I Was There: Kaiju Big Battel: Brawl in the Family

In “I Was There” 3MBooth provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

We went to Kaiju Big Battel for the first time this weekend. After seeing snippets of it through years via a brief stint on G4TV (We miss you, G4!) and The Internet but had yet to make it to a live events. On Saturday, July 20th, the stars aligned and all of the insanity that we’ve already heard second-hand was on display at Stage 48 in New York City!

Kaiju is a Japanese word that means “mystery creature” but generally translates into “monster.” Kaiju Big Battel is then a “Big Monster Brawl” that combines any sci-fi / monster movie fantasies under the accepting umbrella of professional wrestling. If you watched Godzilla take on King Kong and wished you cold experience it live, then Monger King versus Dusto Bunny will give you that Experience. 
If you played arcade classics like Rampage and King of the Monsters, then Kaiju Big Battel is those videogames come to life. Kaiju like Kyululo even tossed buildings at his opponents – The Awful Waffle, French Toast – as if those buildings were the chairs, tables and ladders found in traditional pro wrestling. 
If your entry into this world is through the summer blockbuster Pacific Rim, where Kaiju do battle with Giant Robots, then Kajiu Big Battel is the unofficial prequel and the unofficial sequel to Pacific Rim! … except, instead of Robots, there is Kung Fu Chicken Noodle!

“Brawl in the Family” centered around the fallout from “Late Fight with Kaiju Big Battel” where the Hero American Beetle faced off against Supervillain Dr. Cube. The end to their epic showdown is shrouded in mystery: the lights went out, a shot rang out, and both competitors were left fallen in the ring, presumably slain. This resulted in civil unrest within the Dr. Cube camp; now, two of Dr. Cube’s lieutenants – Hell Monkey and #13 – had to do battle for control of Dr. Cube’s posse. It was an all out melee; all Kaiju jumped into the fray, leaving our announcer/narrator/play-by-play/color commentator/hypeman – Louden Noxious – hoarse and shocked. At the end of this fracas, both Hell Money and #13 were leveled by Midori No Kaiju and a mysterious figure returned to the Big Battel Arena:

Is that the nefarious Dr. Cube? Were the reports of his demise greatly exaggerated? Does that mean that American Beetle is also un-demised?  The only way to find is to keep up to date with these monster battles is via the Kaiju Big Battel Website, their Facebook page and via Twitter. Be sure to check out our photos from the event just in case you need some extra incentive to see Kaijiu Big Battel when they come to your area. Not only will you see us there, but you’re guaranteed a night of unforgettable professional wrestling.
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