I Was There: 7/15/13 Monday Night RAW

In “I Was There” 3MBooth provides a first hand account of a things we attend.
We were at the Barclays Center for its first ever Monday Night RAW!

That means two things:

  1. We started a “#ScumbagSheamus” chant in the arena
  2. The “So That HappenedRAW Recap will be up a little later this week. 

But we wanted to share a few pictures from the event. The rest will be up on our Facebook Page and some just might make their way into the Recap. The last event of the night was all about The Decision: new General Manager of RAW, Brad Maddox, let John Cena pick his opponent for SummerSlam.

While some people made their argument to be selected – Randy Orton, Fandango, Mark Henry, and even The Great Khali – the WWE Universe only had one name in mind for John Cena: Daniel Bryan. Eruptions of YES! chant shook the rafters of the newly minted Barclays Center. So when it came down to The Decision, why did it become a game of “Where’s Waldo?” starring Daniel Bryan?

Can you spot Daniel Bryan?
HINT: he’s behind Jack Swagger)
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