Snapshots: I’m a Turnbuckle Tees Guy

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

We did a profile on TurnbuckleTees to join them in celebrating their first year in business. Well a funny thing happened; they lost their smile and had to close up shop. And it was just after the release of their latest Custom Tee, “I’m a [Blank] Guy” t-shirt. We were so excited by this idea that we even gave one away to the first person to proclaim, “I am a ThreeManBooth Guy!”

The owner of that one of a kind t-shirt is @ChazMcNick. So when you see him, be jealous!

Image Courtesy of @ChazMcNick

… Or not! For a limited time only, TurnbuckleTees is back! Perhaps inspired by Mark Henry’s faux retirement, the site is making another run for as long as possible. So, if you regretted not getting the now infamous CM Punk / Chicago Cubs t-shirt or a Shield / S.H.I.E.L.D t-shirt, now is your chance. Were you a part of the RAW crowd on 4/8/13 aka the greatest Raw after Wrestlemania ever? We were! Did you get the t-shirt? We did!

In all seriousness, wrestling t-shirts have been on a resurgence and it’s because of sites like TurnbuckleTees. If this is their curtain call, let’s make it the biggest one possible. Even if you don’t grab a “ThreeManBooth Guy” shirt for yourself (don’t know why you wouldn’t want one…), we can all admit to being TurnbuckleTees Guys and Girls.

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