Highlight Reel: All-Wrestling Sunday

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

With all the Wrestling going on over the northeast, it feels like Wrestlemania Weekend all over again. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CHIKARA has their “Aniversario: Never Compromise” event. The time and place is no coincidence: This weekend was PhillyCon, Philadelphia’s celebration of all things pop culture, and CHIKARA will serve as an unofficial closing ceremony. The two events overlap so much – colorful characters in costumes are everywhere!  At PhillyCon, the Colony – Fire Ant, Green Any and assailANT – could easily be mistaken for elaborate Blue Beetle cosplayers.

Even in the Marvel-esque opening CHIKARA uses for their video packages, you can see the virtually seemless pairing of comics and wrestling. If you are unable to attend CHIKARA live (this time), they will also be on iPPV. Via person or via stream, it promises to be a lot of wrestling fun.

Further north, Boston is playing host to Total Nonstop Action with TNA / iMPACT Wrestling‘s 11th Slammiversary. Will Sting make good with his last chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, or will the Champion, Bully Ray, continue the hold he and the Aces and 8’s have on iMPACT Wrestling? This is only the main event. There is also the return of the Ultimate X match, the announcement of the next inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame, the first ever Last Knockout Standing Match and many more matches that should make for a memorable Anniversary … sorry, Slammiversary.

Like, CHIKARA, Slammiversary is not limited to just the Massachusetts region. It is available for on PPV tonight.

Maybe you want to spend your Sunday listening the true accounts from the the fabled squared circle instead of watching new history being made. Well, New York City has that: Mick Foley, recent addition to the WWE Hall of Fame, is performing at Caroline’s tonight just a few blocks Madison Square Garden, the mecca of professional wrestling and the location of his induction. You should look forward to witnessing the New York Times’ bestseller enthrall a crowd with his proven ability to tell an engaging story. We were fortunate enough to see Foley perform in this fashion a year ago and still remember hanging on his every word. Tonight promises to be even better. Unfortunately, there is no iPPV or PPV access for this intimate showcase but we have a sample of what to expect, courtesy of 3MB favorite Youtuber, ReyfearsPsychosis

and that’s just one part of the story! Will Foley be good? No question. But today may turn out to be great for Professional Wrestling

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