So That Happened: 06/03/13

Justin Roberts introduces Stephanie McMahon!

Stephanie McMahon says that it’s great to be back on RAW but wishes it was under better circumstances. Stephanie brings up Triple H’s matches against Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel, then reminds us that Triple H was unable to finish the match with Axel. Stephanie informs us that even though Triple H is medically cleared tonight, she has made an Executive Decision to not allow Triple H to compete against Curt Axel, a Superstar who she feels is beneath him.

Stephanie McMahon tries to reason with us by saying Triple H has given us his life and body and tells us that this decision is not about the WWE Universe. After a loud Triple H chant, Stephanie asks us to not be so selfish.

Mr. McMahon’s theme plays and the crowd cheers as he comes out.

Mr. McMahon embraces the cheers then says the WWE Universe is happy to see him. McMahon says he’s happy to see them, but he has a personal request. McMahon asks the WWE to not boo his daughter Stephanie, which only makes the crowd boo more. McMahon tries to reason with the WWE Universe and tells them to have some compassion because she’s right.

Mr. McMahon starts to speak about Triple H’s well-being but he’s cut off by a loud Triple H chant.

Mr. McMahon says Triple H has given everything he possibly can as Stephanie McMahon says she loves him more than the WWE Universe. Mr. McMahon adds on by saying they both care more about Triple H and that he will NOT compete tonight.

The crowd boos as a loud Triple H chant breaks out. Mr. McMahon asks what the crowd wants from him? Mr. McMahon reminds us that WWE is Family Entertainment and not a “Blood Sport.” Mr. McMahon brings up Kofi Kingston being attacked by Ryback as an example as the WWE Universe chanted “One More Time.” McMahon says there won’t be One More Time for Triple H and that not only is Curtis Axel “beneath” Triple H, but the WWE Universe might be beneath him as well.

The Shield’s theme plays and The Shields make their way down to the ring. \

Match 01: The Shield vs. Team Hell No and Randy Orton

Seth Rollins gets hit with a dropkick.

Daniel Bryan gets the hot tag! \

Roman Reigns hits Kane with the spear.

Randy Orton RKOs Seth Rollins but tries to RKO Roman Reigns but gets knocked right into Daniel Bryan!

Dean Ambrose hits his finisher on Randy Orton.

Winners: The Shield

Backstage: Daniel Bryan is arguing with Randy Orton until Orton tells him to calm down. Orton tells Bryan that he already said “Sorry” and that anything can happen out there. Orton tells Bryan and Kane that he wants to beat The Shield just as bad, if not more than they do then tells Bryan to drop it. Bryan calls Orton out on his apology then says he knew Kane thought he was the weak link, but now Orton thinks he’s the weak link. Bryan starts blaming himself until Kane and Randy Orton try to calm him down. Bryan claims Randy Orton can’t apologize to him because they don’t respect him. Kane says he does respect Bryan and that Bryan has lost touch with reality. Bryan says the reality is that he’s the “Weak Link.”

Randy Orton tells Daniel Bryan that it was one match and Bryan loses it further. Bryan says one match could have solidified that he is NOT the weak link and he could have earned everybody’s respect. Bryan says that didn’t happen and since it’s clear that the two of them don’t respect him, he’s going to have another match and beat the respect out of someone else. Bryan says maybe then, Randy Orton and Kane will finally respect him, then storms off.

Backstage: Triple H enters the arena looking for Mr. McMahon’s office. Triple H storms into Mr. McMahon’s office then hugs Stephanie and demands that he’s wrestling tonight.

Stephanie McMahon tries to reason with “Paul,” but Triple H refuses to listen. Mr. McMahon asks Triple H what happened to the Cerebral Assassin because the Cerebral Assassin isn’t being too Cerebral at the moment. Mr. McMahon tells Triple H that Curtis Axel is good and doesn’t want him to get hurt again. McMahon tells Triple H to get his ego out of this situation, but Triple H refuses to listen. Triple H says he’s going to the ring tonight to wrestle Curtis Axel. McMahon refuses and Triple H asks who’s going to stop him. Stephanie McMahon gets in between the two, then Mr. McMahon tells Triple H not to do something he’ll regret. Mr. McMahon hands Triple H papers then walks off.

Match 02: The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Winners: The Usos

Match 03: Big E. Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio turns the Cross Armbreaker with a pin!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match 04: Scumbag Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes

Winner: Scumbag Sheamus

Post-Match, Scumbag Sheamus tries to get Damien Sandow to shake his hand but Sandow refuses. After two attempts, Scumbag Sheamus punches Sandow.

Backstage: Triple H is walking with Stephanie McMahon complaining about Mr. McMahon calling him out on his ego. Triple H says he’s leaving not because he wants to, but because he doesn’t want his kids to see him kick their Grandfather’s ass today. Triple H tells Stephanie McMahon to tell that “Crazy Old Bastard” that next week, he’s going to wrestle Curtis Axel next week on RAW and there’s nothing he can do about it. Stephanie tries to reason with him, but Triple H leaves.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan kicks a table backstage then bumps into Ryback. Ryback tells Bryan to watch what he’s doing and that because of him, Kofi had surgery last Thursday. Bryan is unimpressed, but Ryback says that his throw up is bigger than Daniel Bryan. Bryan tells Ryback that he’s not going to run away, no matter how big and strong Ryback is.

Ryback tells Bryan that he’s truly lost his mind and tells him to prove it in a match with him tonight. Bryan tells Ryback to underestimate him and watch what happens. Ryback says he knows what’s going to happen because Bryan’s the weak link. But after the match tonight, Ryback claims Bryan will be The Missing Link.

Backstage: Mr. McMahon walks into Paul Heyman’s office then shakes Curtis Axel’s hand. Mr. McMahon ignores Heyman and tells Curtis Axel that he has an impressive future. McMahon informs Heyman that Curtis Axel will not be facing Triple H tonight. Paul Heyman tries to leave, but McMahon tells Heyman that Curtis Axel will still be in a match tonight…against John Cena in a No Disqualification Match.

Paul Heyman looks shocked and Mr. McMahon asks if Heyman wants him to say it in Yiddish. Heyman says no, then McMahon wishes Axel good luck tonight.

Match 05: Fandango vs. The Great Khali

Fandango walks out of the match but The Miz walks out and tries to force him back in the ring. Wade Barrett sneaks up from behind and knocks The Miz out with the Bullhammer.

Winner: The Great Khali (I guess)

Match 06: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

Fandango’s music plays. Fandango comes out and dances distracting Wade Barrett.

The Miz locks the Figure-Four on Wade Barrett.

Winner: The Miz

Chris Jericho/CM Punk Contract Signing: 

Jerry Lawler informs the WWE Universe of the Contract Signing then brings out Chris Jericho

Jerry Lawler brings out Paul Heyman. Heyman takes the mic and says before he signs his agreement, which he could’ve signed in private, but since Jericho has an ego, he’s going to say it to Jericho’s face. Heyman starts praising CM Punk’s accomplishments, but Chris Jericho finishes it for him then adds Punk’s buzzcut and pizza, donut and ice cream sandwich tattoos to the list of accolades. Jericho says he doesn’t give a damn about any of those things. All Jericho cares about is Paul Heyman delivering CM Punk to Payback in Chicago on June 16th. Paul Heyman signs the contracts.

Chris Jericho is about to sign the contract, but Paul Heyman asks Jericho if he’s truly prepared to face the Best In The World, CM Punk, in Chicago. Heyman says although this arena is full of Jericholics, that won’t be the case in Chicago. Heyman mentions how CM Punk can do no wrong in Chicago and that Jericho will be vilified by the entire audience. Heyman tells Jericho that he may be “The Best In The World At What He Does,” but CM Punk is the Best In The World At What He Does, which is making liars out of people who think they can lay claim to the title of “Best In The World.”

Chris Jericho agrees with Paul Heyman about Chicago and thinks maybe they should have the match at Summerslam in August. Heyman says no, but Jericho requests his match with CM Punk at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Heyman says No again. Jericho requests a match tonight in Hartford, CT.

Paul Heyman says “No” again then Jericho signs the contract. Jericho says it doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you act like a jackass, you get treated like a jackass. Jericho says now that the contract has been signed, he and Paul Heyman have to figure out where to file the contract. Jericho says he has a really good idea where to file the contract, then compliments Jerry Lawler on his looks.

Chris Jericho gets out of his chair, then demands that Paul Heyman stand up. Jericho tells Heyman to unbutton his jacket before he rips it off.

After Heyman unbuttons his jacket, Jericho says he knows where the contract needs to be filed. Jericho stuffs the contract in Paul Heyman’s pants then tells Heyman that he’ll see him in Chicago.

Match 07: The Bella Twins and AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn and the Funkadactyls

Brie Bella goes for a tag, but AJ Lee walks off. Kaitlyn hits the spear on Brie Bella.

Winners: Kaitlyn and The Funkadactyls

Backstage: Daniel Bryan is getting ready for his match until Kane walks up. Bryan tells Kane that his match is next and that he has to go. Kane tells Bryan that this is crazy and that fighting Ryback is a mistake and reminds Bryan of what happened to Kofi Kingston. Kane says out of all the years that he’s been here, he’s never seen anyone with Bryan’s desire, heart and will to fight and that Bryan proves it night after night. Kane tells Bryan that doesn’t have anything to prove to him or to anyone else.

Daniel Bryan tells Kane that he’s wrong and that beating Ryback will prove that he has something to prove. Kane asks Bryan what he means by that and Bryan sceams at Kane, telling him he doesn’t want Kane anywhere near his match with Ryback tonight. Kane agrees and says that he’ll do Bryan one better, because he’s out of here. Kane tells Bryan to call him when he’s found his mind then walks off.

Bray Wyatt Promo:

Match 08: Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

Ryback sets up a table then throws Daniel Bryan through it!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via DQ)

Post-match, Ryback is about to attack Daniel Bryan but John Cena runs down for the save.

Match 09: John Cena vs. Curtis Axel (No DQ Match)

John Cena locks Curtis Axel in the STF, but Paul Heyman slides Axel an iPad. Axel hits Cena with the iPad!

John Cena tries to throw Curtis Axel through the table with the AA, but Paul Heyman gets in his way.

John Cena goes after Paul Heyman, but Ryback attacks him. Ryback drives John Cena through a table.

Winner: Curtis Axel (via Countout. Yes. In a No DQ Match)

Post-Match, Ryback taunts John Cena.

So That Happened:

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