Unprofessional Wrestling: I Came to Sing

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There may be some truth to the Miz’s claim of being the most must see Superstar in the WWE, albeit the proof seems to be the result of outside of the ring activity. The Marine 3: Homefront has become the WWE’s highest selling (straight to DVD) WWE film in some time. That may explain why the Miz has been absent from WWE programming for the past few months. Capitalizing on the success of that film, the Miz jumped right into his next Hollywood venture: Christmas Bounty, a Holiday movie for ABC Family. Or possibly, the Miz is working towards the WWE’s version of an EGOT, when an actor earns an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony award in their career. The WWE’s EGOT equivalent is:

  • Entertainment (Being able to Entertain the WWE Universe)
  • Grand Slam (Becomming a Grand Slam Champion)
  • Over the Top Rope (Winning a Royal Rumble)
  • Tournament (Winning a Tournament i.e: King Of The Ring)

The Miz seems set on acquiring that rarely obtained E. Miz’s turn as an action hero was a success but with competition like 12 Rounds‘ John Cena and 12 Rounds 2 Furious‘ Randy Orton, that might not be enough to stand out. Kane and Brodus Clay seem to have horror genre locked down with See No Evil and Dance No Evil No One Lives, respectively. And between The Chaperone and Knucklehead, nobody does well with comedy. But the Cartoon Network show “Mad” may have come up with another way for the Miz to break out:

Le Miz: Le Musical! He certainly proved he has lung capacity for music, screaming AWESOME several times a week. And if he can hold a note half as good as he applies a figure-four, then he’s in the same position as Russell Crowe in Les Miserables. Get your E, Miz! It’ll be AWESOME! Just be sure to thank us in your Slammy acceptance speech.

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