Snapshots: A Shameful Thing

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of Summer: beaches open, water wings inflated, and (hopefully) cleaned grills sear burgers, hot dogs and whatever else we can burn. This overwhelming urge for summer is not limited to those wanting the feel of sand between their toes or unwanting the feel of sand in other places: wrestling promotions have summer celebrations as well.

If there is an empty arena or gymnasium, you can be certain that a wrestling promotion will occupy it. Companies like PWS and CHIKARA may even hold a 2-day tournaments to showcase as much wrestling talent as possible. They’re like Barbecues but with intentional fighting. TNA tours for much of the summer and it adds stadiums to its itinerary. They hold BaseBrawl in baseball stadiums for every wrestler that dreamed of running the bases and sliding into home via a Tree of Woe (wrestlers have weird dreams). And the WWE culminates their entire summer with their August Pay Per View, SummerSlam aka the “Biggest Party of the Summer.” The WWE recently started their festiviites with its “Summer Kickoff Sale” for but it doubles as a very helpful reminder:

Always wear Sunscreen! It doesn’t matter if you have Sheamus’ complexion or a normal person’s: if you’re going to be spending time out in the sun, you will need protection. Unfortunately, WWE has not entered the Custom Sunscreen market just yet but there are other stores where you can acquire your desired SPF count.

Happy Memorial Day, Everybody!
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