Highlight Reel: One for the App

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

The WWE has been pushing their WWE App and the “second screen experience” it provides. When they take a commercial break during a match, the WWE App shows you all the action. The WWE App also brings you the bustle of backstage – by which they mean interviews with other Superstars – during matches. Naturally, not eveyone is inclined to partake in this revelation. By “everyone,” we mean the ThreeManBooth Twitter list who have a  good reason why: they’re already participating in a Second Screen Experience, the result of which you see in the So That Happened RAW Recap. No one wants to go to a “Third Screen Experience” just to vote for Jack Swagger’s opponent or listen to the Big Show talk.

We more or less wrote off the WWE App until this recent Friday Night Smackdown. The WWE App was the exclusive home to a confrontation between former best friends / future opponents AJ Lee and WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn. Not only was this the highlight of a very wrestling filled Friday Night but also, the best argument for the WWE App that we’ve seen.


If the WWE App was devoted to Kaitlyn and AJ interactions, we’d never turn it off. This segment felt like it was one Simpsons joke away from being a ThreeManBooth Original. Now, the WWE App needs to have a live reading of AJ’s buddy cop screenplay. If anyone could pull off “Cops by day, Dancers by night” concept, it’s the Chickbusters.

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