Highlight Reel: Goat of Personality

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

YouTube is celebrating “Comedy Week,” an event that brings together comedy of all stream-able formats. YouTube has served as a great avenue for funny people to showcase their talents through jokes, skits, rants and it has also been fertile ground for media manipulation like auto-tuning and hypercutting videos. And wrestling has a place in this, right? I mean, the WWE proudly considers itself entertainment for everyone, having moments of action, drama, suspense and comedy in a single episode of Monday Night RAW. Their YouTube Channel, WWEFanation, is no stranger to comedy; it was practically born from Zack Ryder’s comical / editorial outlook on his own career trajectory in Z! True Long Island Story. Since that moment it has spawned several comedy shows: Are You Serious? The JBL and Cole Show, Santino’s Foreign Exchange, the list goes on (Editor’s Note: Actually, it doesn’t). So what is the WWE’s contribution to comedy week?

Goats singing “Cult of Personality” the entrance theme of CM Punk which is indicative of a few things.

    • Just to spite this video, CM Punk isn’t coming back. Ever.
    • Apparently, someone replaced every mention of the name “Daniel Bryan” with “Goat” in the WWE archives.
    • Apparently, someone really thinks CM Punk loves Goats

    Happy Comedy Week, Everyone!
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