The Meme Event: Miguelamania!

In The Meme Event, 3MBooth shares Wrestling Inspired Memes.
Normally, we don’t spotlight non-3MBooth created memes in The Meme Event, but sometimes a meme comes along that you just have to show the world. Last night, while WWE was getting Extreme, another performer, not affiliated with the WWE decided to follow their lead
During his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, R & B artist Miguel got a little too carried away with crowd participation and long story short, this happened.
Oh no! What a terrible yet hilarious thing to happen! But it’s okay, Miguel. The internet will forgive you. Oh wait. They won’t? They made Memes out of it? Uh-oh…
Shortly after Miguel’s flying legdrop, the internet immediately compared it to various professional wrestlers. Here are a few examples:

Credit for Memes go to their respective creators. If you made one of these photos, let us know and we’ll credit you.

Miguel and Jeff Hardy
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Miguel
Rey Miguelio
And of course, The Immortal Miguel Hogan
And believe it or not, The Immortal One actually approved!

Even TMZ ran with the story of Miguel channeling his inner Hogan, but I think the internet forgot about one person: The Internet Champion.

Tough break, Ryder. Maybe Miguel will do the “Zack Attack” next year and you’ll get your Internet Fame back!
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