Memorabilia Lane: Turnbuckle Tees

In Memorabilia Lane, We’ll Discuss the Significance Some Kind of Collectible 
(T-Shirt, Poster, Action Figure) has on us and its Relation to Wrestling.

Wrestling T-Shirts have definitively had a resurgence in recent years. Not only have wrestling promotions become increasingly diversified in their t-shirt styles, but they have also been reaching out to other companies. The WWE has started a licensing deal with Hot Topic, targeting a meme oriented audience. Before you groan at the idea of some goth kid wearing a Macho Man Randy Savage T-Shirt ‘ironically,’ remember that:

  1. Macho Madness is Immune to Irony
  2. A Savage-infused fabric might be the little excitement to snap gothie into it … er, out of it.

But despite this corporate unity, there is still plenty of room for online sites to design and promote their own t-shirts. And we here at ThreeManBooth try to support all of them, either through money or through posts. So we would like to celebrate TurnbuckleTees with our words first: Here’s to a successful first year in the competitive world of wrestling apparel!

We first discovered Turnbuckle Tees when they released a shirt that combined two popular icons of the 90’s: Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts and the Hardcore Wrestling Style of ECW. The Hard Core Cafe T-shirt (with location: Parts Unknown) was a must buy and whenever worn in public, it has received many comments. We try and point as many people to the T-Shirt (also available as a Hoodie!) as possible.

But we’ve come back to TurnbuckleTees not only for their inventive original designs but also their customizable t-shirts. They released a [Your Name]amania shirt for those of us unlucky (or lucky?) enough to not have the name “Hulk.” Or, if you prefer something less flashy than the red and yellow, like say a black t-shirt and plain lettering and 3 numbers, you can get a [Your Name] 3:16 T-Shirt. Or, if your tastes dip a little toward the extreme you could have a [Your] F’N [Name] Custom T-Shirt.

The freedom that Turnbuckle Tees provided allowed us to combine the fervor that comes with the memories of ECW with the most extreme man in prime time television: Ron F’N Swanson! But TurnbuckleTees doesn’t just look at the past for inspiration. They are constantly creating new shirts that reflect the pulse of the wrestling landscape. Case in point: after the now infamous RAW after Wrestlemania 2013, they released a “We Are Awesome” T-shirt, with the option of including the Date and Location of that RAW, taking a page out of the WWE’s I Was There T-Shirts which are exclusively sold  at live events. They were the first to reference the rowdiest RAW crowd in recent memory. Trust us: we were there and we were indeed awesome. We couldn’t think of a better souvenir to commemorate Wrestlemania Weekend than that shirt:

Congratulations again to TurnbuckleTees for a Fantastic First Year. Check out their Website, Send them Birthday Wishes on Twitter, and leave them Virtual Cakes on Facebook.

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