Highlight Reel: The Buzz on Fandangoing

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

 Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re The Rock and have been out with  a serious injury (Happy Birthday, buddy. Get well soon!) Fandangoing is the newest WWE trend to go viral. Cheerleaders, Fans and Personalities are some of the few have been showing their love for Fandango (Or at least his music) by doing the trend and putting it on the internet. Fandangoing has gotten so popular that it was even mentioned on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live as one of their Top Celebrity Trends!

If you’ve been keeping up with The Buzz or The Booth, you know Jim Shearer is no stranger to professional wrestling. But it’s nice to see the others get a dose of Fandango Fever. Rumor has it, Fandango was ready to appear on The Buzz, but Jason Dundas couldn’t pronounce his name correctly (his Australian accent got in the way), so he left. The secret is you have to breathe in the A’s guys. Remember that
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