Highlight Reel: Fandango Fever

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos.
If you watched this week’s RAW, or read our Recap, you probably can’t get Fandango’s theme song out of your head. Not only has Fandango Fever spread throughout WWE, but the WWE Universe even got Fandango’s theme music to chart on iTunes!
If you haven’t caught Fandango Fever yet, that’s okay! Three Man Booth is here to help. We were at this week’s RAW and recorded the crowd singing along to Fandango’s music. The crowd treated Fandango’s music like a Falls Count Anywhere Match and took their rendition all over the New York/New Jersey area!

Fandango Fever even spread to SiriusXM’s premiere wrestling show, Busted Open. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-4PM, Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca discuss all points wrestling, including taking calls from the Busted Open Nation and interviewing wrestling’s legends and current Superstars. But even these two Apter Approved Journalists couldn’t resist singing this catchy tune.

Thurman Sparky Plug: You can listen to Busted Open on Sirius Channel 92, XM 208 and Sportszone 860. 

It’s too early to tell if Fandango Fever is as catchy as “You Suck” or is a One-Chant-Wonder like “You Are (An A**hole!)” But we’re just going to sit back, enjoy it and let the A’s breeeeeeeatheeeeeeee!
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