Highlight Reel: Maria "The Real Deal" Menounos

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When it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame, sometimes there’s more speculation over whose doing the induction than who is being inducted. Such is the case with this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class. There have been a few surprising announcements. Arnold Schwarzenegger is inducting Bruno Sammartino; Trish Stratus asked Stephanie McMahon to induct her via Twitter. But the most surprising announcement probably has to do with Bob Backlund. The Wrestler with second longest WWF Championship reign – 6 years! – will be inducted by … the former Host of Access Hollywood / the current Host of Extra, Maria Menounos?

First of all, that’s not how the WWE spells “Access;” it’s “Axxess.” Secondly, her? why? is it because she is undefeated in WWE in-ring competition (3 – 0, including Wrestlemania 28)?

Image Courtesy of WWE.com

Or Is it because Maria Menuonos wore a Bob Backlund t-shirt to SummerSlam?

Image Courtesy of WWE.com

Well, yes actually. It turns out that not only are Maria Menounos and Bob Backlund friends, but Backlund also showed Maria how to do a cross face chicken wing, which she demonstrated on Michael Strahan when she guest co-hosted the Live with Kelly and Michael.

Story Checks Out

Between the Brawling Buddies, Trumpamania, The Rock presenting Michael Strahan with a WWE Championship and now Menounos squaring off with Strahan, Live with Kelly and Michael is well on its way to being considered for the Hall of Fame, at least as a presenter. Maybe Maria can teach them the ropes.

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