Highlight Reel: Pop And Wrestling?

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will share funny and interesting wrestling videos.
When the WWF ventured into merging Wrestling with Rock, we thought that was the end of it. It’s been 30 years but the WWF WWE brand has now made strides into all genres of music: Rock, Hip Hop, Modern Rock, Country and Alternative Rock. As a sign of Wrestling’s versatility, several WWE Superstars tapped into their Pop roots while on the Wrestlemania Press Tour. Wrestler / FOZZY Frontman / Robot Pugilist Host Chris Jericho displayed his pop sensibilities during a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, serenading the audience with a medley of Boy Band songs with the words replaced with “Jean Claude Van Damme.”
The Roots were not the only musicians that blended well with the velvet tones of the WWE Superstars. Z100 challenged several of the WWE’s locker room to do their version rendition of Taylor Swift’s “22.” If you didn’t like Taylor Swift before, you probably still won’t. But you’ll probably appreciate the commitment that the Superstars put forth. Well, maybe not CM Punk’s.

Oddly, Punk’s sounds the best because he did whatever he wanted to. Instead of singing the words, he went the way of William Shatner and performed a spoken word rendition of the Taylor Swift jam. That’s why CM Punk is The Best In The World.  Take notes, Taylor.
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