Snapshots: Straight Edge Apparel

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WWE had a Press Conference at Radio City Music Hall about Wrestlemania 29. Based on the attire of John Cena and The Rock, it seemed like it was a Justin Timberlake kind of event: decked in suit and tie, ready to leave it in the ring on Sunday. That is, except for CM Punk. Called a “pedestrian” by John Cena during the event, Punk either didn’t get the memo or more likely, got the memo and ripped it up. He wore a trademark CM Punk hoodie and a t-shirt. And not just any t-shirt, the t-shirt of fellow WWE Superstar Antonio Cesaro:

Punk sends a stronger message with a t-shirt than others do decked out in a three piece suit. Is Punk showing his support of the US Champion? Probably; Cesaro’s an amazing athlete who is inexplicably off the Wrestlemania 29 line-up. Who wouldn’t want to see him on the grandest stage of them all?

But this isn’t the first time we’ve tried to decipher the message behind CM Punk’s t-shirt choice. At last year’s Wrestlemania 28 conference, Punk shocked everyone by wearing the t-shirt of everyone’s favorite native Chicagoian, Independent Wrestler and Podcaster, Colt Cabana:

Image Courtesy of

Was wearing a “Colt of Personality” shirt Punk’s way of putting Colt back on the WWE Radar? Or Was he trying to help his friend move a couple of pieces of merchandise? We don’t know. Maybe Punk just really likes Puns. Of course, all these questions started on the night when Punk infamously sat down at the top of the RAW ramp and eviscerated – verbally – the WWE.

Image Courtesy of

He was wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt! What did it mean? Was this his “Austin 3:16” Speech? Was that the message behind it? Turns out, CM Punk wore that t-shirt because it was the cleanest one he had. And all the CM Punk shirts they had in the back were too large. But hey, that could be a story too. He does like to keep us guessing. Regardless, CM Punk keeps everyone on edge even when he’s not wrestling, even when he’s not even talking. All he has to do is pick up a piece of cotton.

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