Snapshots: Trumpamania

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

Celebrity Apprentice being back on the air can only be good for the WWE. Let me explain: Even though Wrestlers are 0 for 2 (Thanks, Goldberg; Sorry, Maria!) at winning the reality competition, its host – Donald Trump – is able to do favorite thing: talk about himself, which includes his WWE Hall of Fame Induction. This season’s Apprentice overlaps with Wrestlemania Season so both are brought up on the talk show circuit. This inspired the wrestling loving Live with Kelly and Michael to do some research on Donald Trump: the wrestler:

Before anyone goes all “Birth Certificate” over this, Relax: it’s a doctored photo of Trump’s head on fellow Hall of Fame Inductee Bruno Sammartino’s body. You’ve been warned, Trump: We just got Bruno and if we need to choose hiring you or him for the Hall of Fame, well … “You’re Fired!”

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