Snapshots: WWE Finally Gets The Icon!

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Earlier this week, the WWE announced that they’re teaming up with CharityBuzz to hold special auctions for a Hurricane Sandy relief fund. Fans get the opportunity to bid on many auctions including, but not limited to, A Personal Tout from X-Pac, Attending San Diego Comic Con with AJ Lee, or letting friendly WWE Superstars like KaneRandy Orton or The Shield be your personal backstage tour guide at a WWE Live Event! If your bank account looks more like The Million Dollar Man’s than El Locale’s, then the auctions are definitely worth it. However, one auction stood out from the rest.

No, it’s not the NASCAR Race with John Cena. WWE is finally working THE ICON! STING!

….Wait a minute. I think that’s the wrong Sting. Can I get a second opinion on this?

Okay. That is DEFINITELY the wrong Sting.

Yes. We know. Sting is with TNA and won’t be having that Wrestlemania Dream Match with The Undertaker anytime soon, but what a tease for wrestling fans! WWE finally announces Sting and it’s the singer! C’mon man. How awesome would this have looked?

Seriously! Look at it again.
And for “smarter fans” who don’t think that the wrestler Sting would be caught dead holding a bass guitar? You thought wrong!
 But unfortunately due to contractual obligations, WWE can only get Sting the singer. Oh, well. Maybe next year, we’ll finally get the Sting that wrestling fans know in a WWE Ring. Until then, you can check out Sting trading his bass guitar for a baseball bat, every Thursday Night on TNA’s iMPACT Wrestling on SpikeTV!
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