Highlight Reel: Wrestling Wrap Battles

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

When we tweeted during the RAW Recap that the WWE should start doing rap battle music videos, we weren’t kidding.

It would be a nice change up from the face to face, back and forth promos that fill up our wrestling programs on the road leading to Wrestlemania. How much talking can two sides do before they inevitably erupt into a whirlwind of flying fists and feet?

And while the history of rapping and wrestling has had its share of hits – John Cena’s “Doctor of Thuganomics” phase; William “Straight Out of Blackpool” Regal – and misses – the G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) opening raps that sound like the Superbowl Shuffle; that weird rapping part in Hoeski – the overall swing has been on the positive. Last year, John Morrison posted a rap battle video on his YouTube page for the Wrestlemania 28 Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and the Undertaker.

Morrison being the trailblazer that he is (Real Men Can Wrestle in Fur Boots) made a strong attempt at bringing this idea to the wrestling community. However, we suggest reaching out to the best in this field: NicePeter and EpicLloyd with their YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History are the ones to beat. Just look at what they did with the (fictional) showdown between Kim Jong Il and Hulk Hogan. WARNING: CONTAINS SALTY LANGUAGE.

Just imagine what they could do with the Wrestlemania card! Can you picture “Paul Heyman” dropping 16 Bars on “Triple H” while “Lesnar” stands behind him, Brock bopping to the beat? Or imagine The Shield prove their unity by breaking into a 3-Part harmony! Well, a 2-Part harmony while Roman Reigns yells something. Still, that could be listened to all year round!

Still not convinced? Check out some of the other EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY to see our point. We recommend Bieber versus Beethoven, Hawking versus Einstein, and Adam (no, not him) versus Eve (no, not her) for starters.

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