Highlight Reel: Miz Is Retro

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

Every wrestling fan has dreams of growing up and becoming a pro wrestler. Some follow their dreams all the way to appearing on Monday Nights or Thursday Nights or your Local Independent Show. Others try to pursue their dream, take one chop to the chest, give up and start a blog. It’s nice to see dreams come true, especially when they publicly announce their dreams 13 years ago on a little show known as The Real World.

Tonight, The Real World returns for its 28th Season with 7 Brand New Strangers (and a dog!) picked to live in a house (with a dog!), have their lives taped and…you know the rest. To celebrate, MTV showed vintage episodes of Real World: Las Vegas, Real World: New York, and Real World: San Diego as part of their Retro MTV Lineup to get fans excited for the upcoming season. In addition to those seasons, they spotlighted Real World Moments and characters from the series infamous, giving updates the former roommates’ whereabouts. When the question, “Who Was The Most Successful Star To Come From The Real World?” came up, your answers were a little limited. But at the top of the list was this guy!

Sorry Senator and Samurai Girl. You’ve been bumped.

Several MTV Personalities, including former Wrestlemania Alum Snooki, spoke highly of the self-proclaimed “Most Must-See WWE Superstar” and we at Three Man Booth have the video!

Without The Real World, there would be no Miz. And without The Miz….well a lot of you would be leading much happy lives. But for someone who gets a lot of guff from the more vocal members of the WWE Universe, it’s nice to see The Miz getting some positive feedback. Maybe he’ll continue this momentum on the Road To Wrestlemania when he faces Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania 29. Metlife Stadium may will boo you, Miz. But at least MTV’s got your back!

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