Snapshots: RicRod Blues

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Ricardo Rodriquez, personal Ring Announcer and Best Friend of Alberto Del Rio lives a life most of us dream of. Being the Alfred to Del Rio’s Batman (El Local, however, is Robin / Nightwing), RicRod – as we affectionately call him – is able to enjoy some of the finer perks of life, like receiving Bret Hart shades straight from Bret Hart himself:

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Dizzying highs like that, unfortunately, can only be met with terrifying painful lows, especially when Del Rio is feuding with The Big Show (who is kinda like Clayface, I guess?)

The unstable Big Show lashed out after his Royal Rumble loss. And rather than attacking Del Rio, his opponent in the Last Man Standing match, Big Show also unleashed his frustrating defeat on RicRod the next night on RAW.

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And then again on Smackdown

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But you know the old saying “Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars, Glory Lasts Forever.” The more damaging insults come not from the fists of the Big Show but from the fingers of the Closed Captioning desk.

Really? “Speaking in Other Language?” Not Spanish? You mean to tell me you can’t tell what language Ricardo Rodriguez is speaking? The guy wearing a Mexican themed bowtie in front of a digital image of the Mexican flag? Also, you completely mis-spelled how RicRod pronounces “Alberto Del Rio.” It’s missing at least 18 O’s.

Don’t worry RicRod. Next week is right around the corner.
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