Snapshots: Being Shelby

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Ever since Dr. Shelby showed up on Monday Night RAW, the Internet has been abuzzed. The therapist is responsible for taking anger riddled Superstars Kane and Daniel Bryan and turning them into not only the Tag Team Champions but also the only graduates of Dr. Shelby’s experimental behavioral therapy. Indeed, Dr. Marion Shelby is the catalyst behind WWE Superstars, WWE Announcers and even the WWE Universe, hugging out any grievances as a way to resolve any issues. Take that, Ari Gold!

Recently, several sites have been proclaiming that the Doctor of Huganomics is actor Sam Huntington with such additional credits as Law & Order, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and Superman Returns. There’s only one problem: a diligent investigation ( revealed that Sam Huntington is not Dr. Shelby. Plus, Twitter says so.

Sam Huntington himself confirmed that he’s not Dr. Shelby. Sam’s too busy playing Josh Levinson on Being Human, which airs opposite Monday Night RAW. Why would he compete against himself? On this Syfy series, he turns into a Werewolf. And Unless Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, An American Werewolf in Paris, An American Werewolf in London, and the Underworld franchise have lied to us, Werewolves cannot shape-shift into psychiatrists. That’s some True Blood shenanigans.

Sam Huntingon (left) Totally Doesn’t Look Like Dr. Shelby (right)

This does however, open a door open for a Being Human / Monday Night RAW crossover. There was a Zombie wrestler on ECW, the WWE had Gangrel. Even WCW had the Yeti! Whose to say that synergy can’t bring a Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost faction to the WWE?

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