Highlight Reel: Best Rock Ever

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

This past week marked the return of VH1’s Best Week Ever. The show that pioneered skewering pop culture events via a cavalcade of comedian talking heads came back, jokes a-blazing, showing any / all imitators how it’s done. Best Week Ever is not that dissimilar from The Rock, who returned to the WWE to pursue CM Punk’s WWE Championship. Legends must recognize legends because in their first show back, VH1, the music channel that is no stranger to pro wrestling, showcased the Rock’s “Rock Concert” from RAW.

Michele Buteau watches the Rock the same way I watch Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Client List: with the Sound Off. Maybe this WWE / VH1 unity can go both ways. The Rock can take his attention away from Twinkie Tits to get #PantiesOff to trend worldwide.

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