Cheap Pop: The Bedrock Screwjob

In Cheap Pop, Three Man Booth Discuss Random Topics 

with a Slight Historical Bend

In Feburary 2011, The Rock made a surprise return to the WWE as the host of Wrestlemania. After being gone for 7 years, Rock wasted no time and called out John Cena for years of disrespecting him. While running down Cena, Rock commented on Cena’s colorful shirts, calling him a “Big Fat Bowl of Fruity Pebbles.” Over the next couple months, Rock and Cena would trade insults back and forth with each other, but the WWE Universe was fixated on two words: Fruity Pebbles. Oh yeah, The Miz was there too.
The Rock’s “Fruity Pebbles” insult towards John Cena was so successful, that it actually worked in Cena’s favor. In January 2012, WWE teamed up with Post, having both John Cena and Fred Flintstone to share the Fruity Pebbles cover for a limited time only. 
Courtesy of Superluchas

It was a good team. Cena’s “Rise Above Hate” attitude meshed well with Fred’s “Hate Before Slate” attitude. Plus, it raised awareness for Be A Star and Make-A-Wish. Everything was coming up Milrock! Until now.

Last week, it was announced that for the first time in years, Fred Flintstone being temporarily replaced as cover boy for Fruity Pebbles! For whom? What happened?  None other than John Cena!

Courtesy of Adage

Now, aside from the awful jokes hear and there, I have no problem with John Cena.  He’s WWE’s answer to Ned Flanders. You call the guy a moron and he just stands there grinning at your “moron-ily.” But what about Fred Flintstone? Did he fail a Wellness Test? Did his best friend and co-worker, Barney Rubble, rat him out in an attempt to get the cover himself? Did he miss a photoshoot because he had to bowl with the Royal Order of Water Buffalos? I need answers!

Unfortunately, for Fred Flintstone, this is not the first time a professional wrestler has messed with his cereal franchise. Who was the first? You might know him as the Immortal one, or The crotchety old man that’s way into his daughter’s love life on iMPACT Wrestling. He is none other than “Bulk Boulder.”

Courtesy of adweek

For those who don’t know the story, Cocoa Pebbles made a commercial where Fred and Barney wrestled, and jobbed out, to a wrestler named “Bulk Boulder” for a box of delicious Cocoa Pebbles. Hulk Hogan, a descendant of Bulk’s, saw this commercial and he wasn’t happy about how he was being portrayed.

Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit and reached a settlement with Post, got Bulk Boulder removed from existance, and Fred Flintstone had to work on a whole new campaign ad. I don’t know who keeps screwing Fred Flintstone over, by snitching to wrestlers about his endorsement deals, but I’m pointing fingers in Mr. Slate’s direction.

Tough break, Fred. Hopefully, you’ll reclaim your Fruity Pebbles throne after Wrestlemania Season is over. If not, we already have our first Post (No pun intended) Wrestlemania Feud.

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