So That Happened: 12/17/12

Match 01: Rey Mysterio vs Damien Sandow

Rey Mysterio hits the 6-1-9 and the “Turd Splash” on Damien Sandow.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Booker T comes out to give out the Tell Me I Did Not See That Moment Of The Year (AKA The Most Shocking Moment Of The Year.) Booker T says it’s an honor to present the Slammy that was named after him.

Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Nominees:

Brad “HeartthrobRef” Maddox’s Low Blow.
Daniel Bryan losing to Sheamus in 18 Seconds.
Kofi Kingston walking on his hands at the Royal Rumble.
CM Punk attacking The Rock.

As Booker T is about to announce the winner, The Boogeyman makes a surprise return!

The Boogeyman does his entrance (worms and all) before the show cuts to commercial. The commercial comes back with Booker T saying his “Tell Me. I Did Not. Just See That.” Catchphrase. Before Booker T announces the winner, Brad “Heartthrob Ref” Maddox comes out to receive the award.

But #HeartthrobRef loses.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Booker T pronounces Kofi Kingston’s name wrong.

Kofi Kingston says it’s an honor to finally win a Slammy and thanks the WWE Universe for voting for him.

Match 02: Kaitlyn vs. The Handsome Eve Torres

Winner: Kaitlyn

Post-Match, Kaitlyn holds the belt high over Eve Torres head. Then Kaitlyn poses over Handsome Eve like Eve does her opponents.

The New Age Outlaws come out to present the Comeback Of The Year Award.

The New Outlaws do their classic schtick and the crowd loves it. ‘’

Instead of Billy Gunn doing the “Two Words For Ya” part, he reads the nominees for comeback of the year.

Comeback of the Year Nominees:

Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
D-Generation X
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Winner: Jerry Lawler 

Jerry Lawler jogs up the ramp to receive his Slammy. Lawler jokes that he shouldn’t run like that or else he’ll give himself another heart attack. Lawler thanks the WWE Universe, says he loves everyone and that it’s great to be back.

Match 03: Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Post-Match, Wade Barrett attatcks Kofi Kingston then knocks him out with the Bullhammer.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to present Kiss Of The Year:

Kiss Of The Year Nominees: 

AJ Lee and CM Punk
AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan
AJ Lee and Kane
AJ Lee and John Cena

Vickie Guerrero says before she gives out this award, she would like to let everyone know that shewould never be nominated for this award because unlike AJ Lee, because she would never abuse her power and authority to trick WWE Superstars into having a relationship with her.

Winners: AJ Lee and John Cena

AJ Lee skips out to receive her award. Vickie Guerrero says before she gives AJ the award, AJ needs to explain her actions from last night to her, the WWE Universe and Dolph Ziggler for what she did to John Cena last night. AJ Lee takes the Slammy then says that she doesn’t owe anyone anything and that for the last year, she’s cared a lot about what people think about her, but not anymore.

Vickie Guerrero says that her instincts were right about AJ all along and that AJ is a two-bit piece of trash. Vickie says AJ knows it, the WWE Universe knows it and Dolph Ziggler knows it. Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee continue arguing until Dolph Ziggler interrupts them from fighting.

AJ Lee tells Vickie Guerrero that winning the slammy is nice, but it’s nothing compared to this. AJ jumps in Dolph Ziggler’s arms then starts kissing him. AJ and Ziggler make out as Vickie shrieks then storms off.

Match 04: The Great Khali vs. David Otunga

Winner: The Great Khali 

Post-Match, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL tease a Very Special Presenter for the Superstar of the Year Award. A Ric Flair sound clip is played.

Nominees for Superstar of the Year: 

John Cena
Big Show
CM Punk

Ric Flair is revealed as the Special Guest Presenter

Ric Flair puts over Philadelphia then says that the Nature Boy is back in town. Flair says he can’t tell anyone where he’s going to be tonight because he’ll get in trouble. Flair announces the winner of the Superstar of the Year Award: John Cena.

John Cena and Ric Flair hug it out. Cena says Flair is right about the crowd as the crowd continues to boo him. Cena thanks the crowd for all then noise then talks about what it means to be Superstar Of The Year. According to Cena, Superstar of The Year embodies Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.

John Cena says that the person who holds the Slammy needs to work harder than anyone else. And that Cena needs to recognize the Loyalty of the WWE Universe. So out of Respect, the Superstar of the Year should be the greatest Superstar of all time…John Cena hands over his Superstar of The Year Award over to Ric Flair.

John Cena bows out gracefully as Ric Flair says he doesn’t know why the WWE Universe doesn’t like John Cena. Before Flair can finish, CM Punk hobbles out to the podium.

CM Punk says that Ric Flair winning the Superstar of the Year is ridiculous on so many levels. Punk calls out Ric Flair hasn’t even been in the WWE in the past calendar year, then calls out anyone voting for John Cena. Punk mentions all of John Cena’s loses this year and says it’s the worst year of John Cena’s life. Punk calls John Cena a loser just like everyone in Philly and a loser like Ric Flair.

CM Punk brings up the fact that Shawn Michaels used to talk about how HBK always wanted to be Ric Flair. Punk says he never wanted to be Ric Flair and that he only wanted to be Punk. Punk says unlike HBK, Flair and John Cena, he’s been champion for 393 Days and that he’s the man. Not John Cena or Ric Flair. CM Punk follows up with Ric Flair’s “Woooooo!”

Ric Flair asks CM Punk if he wanted to know what time it is because the diamonds on the “rolox” make it hard to tell time. CM Punk responds with “It’s Clobberin Time.” but Flair says it’s time CM Punk to go because this is Philadelphia and he’s gonna rock and roll, while CM Punk can’t even walk. Flair mentions that Punk can’t keep up with him because not only can Punk not walk, but he hes so much baggage with him (Paul Heyman) that he can’t even walk a block.

Ric Flair says he hasn’t been here, but he has been watching. CM Punk says he’s had knee surgery, but with one leg, he could still kick Flair’s ass. Then tells Flair to “talk about baggage.” Flair asks if CM Punk meant baggage like his “Two Hall Of Fame Rings?” or his “Four Ex-Wives?”

CM Punk says with one leg he could beat Ric Flair up just like he can beat up everyone in Philly. Ric Flair rips his jacket off, and gets in the ring. CM Punk hobbles down to the ring.

CM Punk jabs Ric Flair with the crutch then breaks the crutch over Flair’s back. Punk celebrates by mocking Ric Flair’s taunt.

CM Punk is about to hit Ric Flair with the crutch but Flair takes him out with a thumb to the eye. Paul Heyman protests, but Ric Flair puts Heyman in the Figure-Four Leg Lock!

Ric Flair celebrates then takes the mic. Flair says he just came to have a good time. Ric Flair tells Jerry Lawler that he loves him. Flair says they’re never gonna lose guys like him and Lawler then mentions he told Vince McMahon that if he dies, he either wants to die in the ring or with a woman from Philadelphia.

The Shield shows up as Ric Flair is still ready to fight.

RAW comes back with commercial with Ric Flair, Daniel Bryan and Kane brawling with The Shield. Flair gets taken out and The Shield continue attacking Daniel Bryan and Kane. Roman Reigns starts clearing off the table while threatening the commentators to leave.

Loud “Feed Me More” chants are heard. The Shield is about to put Ric Flair through the table, but Ryback makes his way down to the ring.

Ryback destroys The Shield as Daniel Bryan and Kane help out. Ryback Gorilla Press slam’s Seth Rollins onto the announce table.

Ryback continues beating on Seth Rollins until The Shield retreats.

Ric Flair, Team Hell No and Ryback celebrate then Ryback and Kane lift Ric Flair up on their shoulders.

Backstage: Ric Flair continues celebrating with Daniel Bryan and Kane. Kane says they finally got The Shield then screams “YES!” Daniel Bryan screams “NO!” The two go back and forth until Ric Flair joins in with a “WOO!”

The “YES!” “NO!” “WOO” off continues until they suddenly stop and look towards the right. Ron Simmons shows up and says “DAMN!”

Match 05: Brodus Clay vs. JTG

Winner: Brodus Clay

Santino Marella and Tensai present the LOL Moment Of The Year. Tensai trips Shockmaster style then walks out with a giant novelty wrap on his head.

Santino Marella tries to promote the LOL Moment Of The Year Award but keeps calling Tensai “Albert” and “Fat Albert.”

LOL Moment Of The Year Nominees: 

The Rock and John Cena
Team Hell No visits Group Therapy
Randy Orton attacks Alberto Del Rio in catering
Brodus Clay, William Regal and Vickie Guerrero dancing.

Winners: The Rock and John Cena

Santino Marella says that The Rock was unable to be here tonight to accept the award but Santino will accept the award in his behalf and if Rock doesn’t come to claim it, Santino will keep it.

Sin Cara’s music plays until Daniel Bryan runs out screaming “NO!” Kane comes out, picks Daniel Bryan up and carries him out.

Match 06: Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Zack Ryder and Layla come out to present the “Trending Now #Hashtag Of The Year” Award.

The “Trending Now #Hashtag Of The Year” Nominees:


Winner: #FeedMeMore 

Zack Ryder says he’s going to give the Slammy to the Ryback but gives out a “Woo Woo Woo. You Know It.” Before coming out.

Big Show Segment: 

Big Show comes to the ring with The Big Chair.

Big Show calls out the WWE Universe for booing him. Big Show says you think he’d be let down because the WWE Universe didn’t vote for him as Superstar Of The Year, but the WWE Universe lets him down every time he turns around.

Big Show says he’s not upset because he defeated Sheamus and retained his WWE Title, proving he’s the most dominant guy in the WWE. As Big Show gloats as the crowd starts chanting “Boring.” Big Show loses his temper and yells at the crowd until Sheamus comes out.

Sheamus says he’s not here to fight Big Show and that he has no regrets about last night.

Sheamus talks about how physical the match was then says Big Show deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus wants to be the bigger man and shake Big Show’s hand. Big Show and Sheamus shake hands.

Big Show ruins the moment by saying, “Now get to the back of the line, you “potato eating Irishman.””

Big Show asks Sheamus what makes him think that Sheamus’ “Gingersnap, pasty white self” could ever defeat him. Sheamus snaps and attacks Big Show then beats Big Show with a chair several times.

Sheamus’ theme plays as he celebrates with the giant chair.

As Sheamus leaves, Dolph Ziggler runs down ready to cash in!!

John Cena interrupts the cash in and attacks Dolph Ziggler, ruining everything and making everyone over the age of 12 hate him for another 7 years.

Warning: The following comments are a little graphic and not suitable for a PG demographic. In the words of Dolph Ziggler…

Courtesy of UntamedObsession

Take your Earmuffs off now.

Match 07: Three Man Band vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and ???

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler storms up to Vickie Guerrero complaining about John Cena costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler says that Vickie Guerrero is the Managing Supervisor and this happened on her watch. Vickie Guerrero says she has questions also and asks Dolph Ziggler about AJ Lee interfering in the TLC Match last night and the kiss from AJ.

Dolph Ziggler asks Vickie Guerrero what she was doing out there during the match since she has to answer to the Board of Directors. Vickie says that it was “No Holds Barred” and she was trying to help him. Ziggler says he had no idea AJ Lee was going to interfere and that his relationship with Vickie Guerrero is over. Ziggler says Vickie Guerrero’s jealousy is getting tired, old and ugly just like Vickie. An angry Vickie Guerrero makes a match for tonight: Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee vs. John Cena and Vickie Guerrero

Let’s try this again:

Match 07: Three Man Band vs. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and ???

Courtesy of Renacage

The Miz brings up their match with 3MB at TLC and their mystery partner, the Brooklyn Brawler. Miz says tonight, their tag partner takes it to the Extreme.

The Miz reveals Tommy Dreamer!

Winners: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Tommy Dreamer

Sheamus’ theme plays and Sheamus comes out to present the Newcomer of the Year Award. Sheamus talks about how much he enjoyed hitting Big Show with the Big Chair tonight, but he is overshadowed by “ECW” Chants.

Newcomer of The Year Nominees:

Antonio Cesaro
Brodus Clay
Damien Sandow

Winner: Wreck It Ryback

Ryback quotes the Late, Great, Owen Hart by saying “Enough is Enough and It’s Time For A Change.” Ryback says he is that change then starts chanting “FEED. ME. MORE.”

Antonio Cesaro comes out and claims the voting was rigged. Cesaro says he is the true Newcomer Of The Year because he’s stronger and smarter than him. Also unlike Ryback, Cesaro is a champion. Match 08: Antonio Cesaro vs. Wreck-It-Ryback Loud Goldber Chants break out.

Antonio Cesaro rolls out of the ring but Ryback picks Cesaro up then chucks him back into the ring. Cesaro rolls out of the ring then walks out of the match.

Courtesy of doomsday519

Winner: Ryback (Via Countout)

Mean Gene, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat come out to present The Match OF The Year.

Match Of The Year Nominees: 

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – End Of An Era
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
Sheamus vs. Big Show
John Cena vs. The Rock – Once In A Life Time

Winner: The Undertaker vs. Triple H – End Of An Era

Triple H comes out to receive the award.

Triple H finally gets a well deserved reaction, then makes a joke about winning a Slammy in 1997 for Best Hair. Shorlty after the joke, a loud “WE WANT TAKER” chant breaks out.

Triple H says every now and then you get to be a part of something in this business that can only be described as magic. Triple H says this past Wrestlemania, he was allowed to be out there with two guys he respects more than anybody with, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, and it was just magic. Triple H says it was a night he’ll never forget and that it was truly the End Of An Era. A loud “Thank You Hunter” chant breaks out.

Triple H thanks The WWE Universe then lets us all in on the answer of “The Million Dollar Question.” The answer is: We haven’t seen the last of The Undertaker.

Backstage: The Shield attack Tommy Dreamer

RicRod tries to help Tommy Dreamer but gets attacked as well.

Match 09: John Cena and Vickie Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee

AJ skips out to the ring then demands a ladder.

AJ Lee climbs the ladder then says that she’s just full of surprises. AJ says all anyone keeps saying to AJ is “Why? Why would she do that to eveyrone’s favorite hero, John Cena at TLC?” AJ says that a Gas Station Attendant, A Bus Boy and WWE Divas even asked her “Why?” Although she’s sure that the Divas were asking about making out with Dolph Ziggler.

AJ says the reason why she knocked John Cena off the ladder was… EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero interrupts AJ Lee and tells her that nobody cares about why AJ did it. Vickie claims all people care about is Vickie tossing AJ’s scrawny butt all over the ring.

A Loud “Ziggler’s Better” Chant breaks out.

John Cena tries to fight off the “Let’s Go Cena!/Cena Sucks!” chants.

AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero catfight until AJ walks out.

Vickie Guerrero follows AJ Lee to the back.

John Cena hits Dolph Ziggler with the AA. AJ Lee comes back out with comes out Big. E. Langston!

Big E. Langston destroys John Cena.

Winners: John Cena and Vickie Guerrero (via DQ)

Post-Match, Big E. Langston stands over John Cena as AJ Lee skips around him and Dolph Ziggler sits in the corner.

So That Happened:

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