The Meme Event: Rough Ryder

In The Meme Event, 3MB shares wrestling inspired Memes.

2011 was the breakout year for WWE Superstar, Zack Ryder. We all know the story: Hit YouTube show, Merchandise, a loyal cult following of Broskis, etc. The year culminated for Zack Ryder when at TLC, Ryder won the United States Championship after months of chasing Dolph Ziggler for the gold. To add icing on the cake, the next night, Ryder Main Evented his first Monday Night RAW, teaming with then World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan and current WWE Champion (now on Day 403) CM Punk to defeat the team of Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. To paraphrase another loveable loser, everything was coming up Ryder.

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Then 2012 came…

2012 shouldn’t have been bad for Zack Ryder. At its start, He found himself in a romance storyline with the Handsome Eve Torres, he was feuding with a rejuvinated Kane, and was best friends with John Cena. 2 out of 3 of those storylines usually work out right? Right. But when all 3 mix together, you get a recipe for disaster. 

In the span of a 3 months, Ryder lost his United States Championship to Jack Swagger (Last seen in the holiday Christmas video), got his back broken by Kane, was thrown off the RAW stage by Kane while in a wheelchair nursing his broken back. And he had his heart broken by the Handsome Eve Torres when she kissed his best friend John Cena within feet of him, siting in a wheelchair. And his arm probably has irreparable damage done to it after the several Cross Arm Breakers Alberto Del Rio administered over the year. The term “Rough Ryder” became less about Zack Ryder’s finishing move and more about his lack of progress in the WWE.

But we at Three Man Booth don’t like to dwell on bad misfortunes. So instead of lamenting about Zack Ryder’s lack of success in 2012, we decided to turn it into a Meme! Broskies and Broskettes, introducing…Rough Ryder!

“Rough Ryder” points out the positive moments of Zack Ryder’s career and the negative result that followed. Everything Ryder did should’ve been successful, but unfortunately for him, it didn’t turn out that way. Zack Ryder’s been so unfortunate that even we put him aside. This Rough Ryder Meme was supposed to come out months ago but we kept delaying it for something more relevant and/or AJ related.

You can check out the rest of our Rough Ryder Memes on our Facebook and Tumblr Pages. And look on the bright side, you’re almost at 1,000,000 Twitter followers so 2013 is already looking up! Woo Woo Woo!  …You know the rest.
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