Memorabilia Lane: American Made

 In Memorabilia Lane, We’ll Discuss the Significance Some Kind of Collectible

(T-Shirt, Poster, Action Figure) has on us and its Relation to Wrestling.

There are a lot of Wrestling themed t-shirts sites that excel not only designing t-shirts that reference the current production but also usually do so before the wrestling companies do. Sometimes, though, you’re looking for a classic reference, maybe for an old school wrestling fan. is devoted to taking those iconic moments in sports and culture, emblazoning them on t-shirts. When it comes to the modern era of wrestling, the place to start would be with this t-shirt.

A recreation of the shirt Hulk Hogan wore the night he defeated the Iron Sheik for the WWF Championship at Madison Square Garden. It’s not an exact replica for two reasons: 

  1. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t have the ill worded “Hulk-A-Mania” written on the back of it.
  2. The shirt isn’t sleeveless like Hogan’s was, though Homage does encourage modification:

What’s more is that the item page for the shirt not only links to a video of the match from that night but the description of the shirt includes the lyrics from “American Made,” Hogan’s WCW theme that sounds a lot like “Real American,” Hogan’s WWF theme. They’re worth a read without the music behind it, though you may get the song stuck in your head. Right now, American Made is the only t-shirt listed under the Wrestling category at Homage. Hopefully, they will add to that soon, maybe with some Sunglasses or a Smoking Skull.

*ThreeManBooth is not affiliated with any of the above sites (though we’d like to be) and have not received any compensation. We’re just wrestling fans. Honest.

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