Snapshots: The Samoan Shield

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The Shield has really taken a lot of the WWE and the WWE Universe by storm. The Trio of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and … um, what’s his name again? You know, the one Vickie Guerrero forgot the name of mid-sentence? Hingle McCringleberry? No, Donkey Teeth? No! L’Carpetron Dook Marriot, that’s it! No? Oh! Dan Smith, right?

No, we kid Roman Reigns because his lineage speaks for itself. The Anoa’i family has a long history with professional wrestling, especially Samoan professional wrestlers. Wikipedia even has a family tree that shows the connections:

For a Larger View, Click Here

Brothers with Rosey, Cousins with Rikishi and the list goes on. Roman Reigns not only has a lot to work from but also a lot to live up to. With his debut match (and victory) at WWE TLC one of the main event matches, he’s already making good headway. The Rock – his uncle (we think we read that right) – debuted at a WWE Pay Per View also: Survivor Series 1996. However, unlike Reign’s match, that was not a marquee match-up. And it’s hard to one-up The Great One.

If all else fails, he could team with his cousins the Usos to establish the Anoa’i family crest in the WWE. Think Legacy but with a tan.

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