So That Happened: 11/12/12

RAW starts off with a touching tribute to our veterans, followed by their stupid Hard Copy/DBZ Announcer recapping the events from last week and Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack.

Match 01: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio and RicRod try to interfere in the match.

Randy Orton wins with a roll up.

Winner: Randy Orton

Post-Match, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler attack Randy Orton until Kofi Kingston makes the save.

Teddy Long comes out and says since Vickie Guerrero is busy with the AJ scandal and since this is a Super Show he is going to do something SUPER! Teddy Long decides to make…a TAG TEAM MATCH

Match 02: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston

Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero’s Evidence Part 3: 

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler defines the word scandal then brags about wrestling two matches and knowing the definition of “scandal.” Ziggler says he’s not here to hide behind his manager Vickie Guerrero, but he’s here for one reason and one reason only and that’s the truth.

Dolph Ziggler shows the previous evidence from the AJ Lee/John Cena scandal, while making fun of the fact John Cena wears his gear to dinner:

Vickie Guerrero reminds us about AJ Lee’s threat to her from last week, then tells AJ that she is the Managing Superstar of RAW and will not be threatened by anyone, even a lovestruck little girl. Vickie says she would’ve suspended AJ, but she’s not a vengeful person. Vickie claims to have evidence that AJ has evidence she can’t talk her way out of so she demands AJ Lee come out here to explain herself since it’s her last chance to do so. AJ Lee’s theme plays and she rushes out to the ring as the crowd cheers.

AJ Lee demands to know why Vickie Guerrero is doing this to her. Vickie tells AJ that she did something wrong and just wants AJ to admit it. AJ says she refuses to stand there and admit to a lie just because Vickie Guerrero’s in charge. As all of this is happening, a “Shut Up, Vickie!” chant breaks out. Vickie says she’s more than Vickie Guerrero, she is AJ’s boss. Vickie reminds AJ to be careful what she says because none of this will matter when she disposes this evidence.

AJ Lee tries to calm down as Vickie Guerrero tries to badger AJ into admitting she had an affair John Cena AJ finally gives in then admits that she and John Cena…..are just friends and that nothing ever happened between the two.

AJ tells Vickie Guerrero to admit what this feud is really about, which is Mr. McMahon appointing AJ GM at RAW 1000, and AJ physically embarrassing Vickie twice in the ring. AJ says Vickie can’t stand the fact that if AJ wanted to, she could embarrass Vickie again. AJ mocks Vickie for just throwing her weight around, then comments that Vickie’s weight is “pretty considerable.” Vickie says that she has the footage then starts playing voicemails. AJ denies leaving the voicemail, but Vickie goes through a few more. AJ says that Vickie edited those voice mails together.

AJ starts to insult Vickie Guerrero until Dolph Ziggler cuts her off. Zigglers tells AJ that it’s over and that we all know something happened. Ziggler mocks John Cena by telling AJ, “You can’t see him.” Ziggler asks AJ which was more disappointing, the fact that John Cena won’t talk to her anymore, or all those nights in his hotel room. John Cena’s theme hits and he rushes out to the ring.

John Cena almost attacks Dolph Ziggler, but AJ calms him down. AJ slaps Ziggler then Cena punches him down. John Cena and AJ Lee talk as Dolph Ziggler and Vickie leave the ring.

Backstage: AJ Lee is venting about the situation to John Cena. Cena tells AJ that he wanted to check and see if she’s okay (She is.) Cena says that he doesn’t understand why Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler are making AJ’s life miserable over something that never happened and never will happen. AJ says it’s alright, but questions the “never would happen” part. Cena changes his answer to something that never happened, then leaves awkwardly.

Recaps on Caps on Caps: The Big Show/Sheamus/Regal bar fight.

Match 03: Big Show vs. William Regal

Winner: Big Show

Post-Match, Big Show tries to attack William Regal but Sheamus runs out for the save. William Regal’s chest is a mess.

Match 04: Kaitlyn vs. Layla (#1 Contenders’s Match/Handsome Eve Torres on commentary)

Winner: Kaitlyn

Post-match, Kaitlyn and Handsome Eve Torres have a staredown.

A graphic Jerry Lawler Video Package:

Return Of The King: 

Michael Cole and Jim Ross introduce Jerry Lawler’s return to the WWE Universe. Lawler comes out to a thunderous ovation.

Jerry Lawler hugs Michael Cole then Jim Ross. Lawler takes the mic as a huge “JERRY” chant breaks out. Lawler says this whole thing is so overwhelming then thanks the WWE Universe. Lawler says there was a time that he would be able to step into a WWE Ring again. Jerry Lawler compares his situation to the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life and says he lived that movie during the past few weeks. Lawler says he loves each and every one of the WWE Universe and that it’s great to be back. Before Lawler can finish his speech, he gets interrupted by CM Punk.

CM Punk laughs then tells Jerry Lawler he’s glad Lawler left the ring when he did, because if he didn’t, Punk would’ve beaten Lawler to death….again.

CM Punk mocks the WWE Universe for booing him and claiming he what he does is in bad taste, but not booing Jerry Lawler just because he’s the “conquering hero” who died and came back to life. Punk calls Jerry Lawler a real life zombie and calls Lawler a walking zombie. Punk says what Jerry Lawler being 62 years old trying to challenge the WWE Champion a few months ago is disrespectful and in bad taste. Punk asks Lawler what he thought was going to happen when Lawler went toe-to-toe with the Best In The World, then claims a side effect to facing him is a heart attack.

CM Punk says shame on the WWE Universe for trying to blame him for Jerry Lawler’s heart attack when the blame is squarely on Lawler. Punk says Shame On Lawler for trying to steal his spotlight with the whole heart attack stunt.

CM Punk says who cares about the number of minutes Jerry Lawler was clinically dead and offers up a real number: 358….Punk says he’s been the WWE Champion for 358 Days and has officially tied with “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel as the 9th longest reigning WWE Champion in history. Punk says that you can dismiss Diesel and his title reign if you want, but he’ll give everyone a number that means something: 365. Punk says in one week’s time, he will be WWE Champion for 365 days because this Sunday at Survivor Series, he will beat Ryback and John Cena, just like he has before.

CM Punk says honestly, from the bottom of his heart, he’s glad Jerry Lawler’s returned and has a front row seat to Survivor Series. Punk tells Lawler to try not to croak before the PPV. Lawler fires back by saying he’ll do his best not to, but the only thing that’s on life support is CM Punk’s run as WWE Champion. CM Punk gets ready to challenge Jerry Lawler but Paul Heyman starts to fake a heart attack. CM Punk “Revies” Paul Heyman with CPR then says that Heyman almost gave him a heart attack.

Mick Foley’s theme plays and Foley comes out pissed off. Foley tells CM Punk that it doesn’t cease to amaze him that someone like Punk, who demands respect, wouldn’t show respect to someone like Jerry Lawler, who commands respect. Punk tells Mick Foley to respect Paul Heyman because he just had a “heart attack.” Punk wonders what Foley is even doing out here together since they are no longer opposing Captains of Survivor Series teams because Mr. McMahon decided to screw him over. Punk says he and Foley no longer have business together and that Foley is wasting his time out here instead of finding that “gaping hole” Team Foley. Foley says he’s not picking the final member of Survivor Series, but the WWE Universe will instead.

CM Punk tells Mick Foley that he shouldn’t care what the WWE Universe thinks because they can’t think. Punk says that he stopped thinking of the WWE Universe a long time ago and he’s better off. Punk suggests to Foley that he should change his Survivor Series team name from “Team Foley” to “Team Worthless.” CM Punk says that Mick Foley is a “worthless” Captain with a “worthless” team trying to fill a “worthless” spot on that “worthless” team with the “worthless” opinions from these “worthless” people” from “worthless” Columbus Ohio. Foley cuts CM Punk off by screaming at him to “SHUT UP!”

Mick Foley reminds CM Punk about the fact that Jerry Lawler died for 15 minutes. Foley said we lost Jerry Lawler, but through miracles, doctors and the thoughts and prayers of the WWE Universe, he’s with us today. Foley says CM Punk doesn’t care and that Foley says Jerry Lawler’s incident, and the world, doesn’t revolve around CM Punk

Mick Foley reveals he wasn’t happy about Mr. McMahon making the change to the Survivor Series match because he wanted so desperately to be part of a team that taught him a lesson. Foley says he realized that CM Punk doesn’t give a damn about anything except the WWE Championship. Foley says that at Survivor Series, Ryback and John Cena will strip that championship from CM Punk.

CM Punk says no one has been able to beat him for the WWE Championship and no one is going to learn how to beat him. Punk says that Foley has nothing to teach him since Punk doesn’t feel like jumping off a roof like some goof. Punk says that none of this involves Foley, and that he shouldn’t be out here because he doesn’t matter. Foley says some of this does involve him and that he has a parting gift for CM Punk. Foley tells CM Punk that tonight, he will be “Special Guest Enforcer” tonight for CM Punk’s match against John Cena.

Backstage: Brad Maddox getting prepared

Backstage: CM Punk is complaining about Mick Foley being the special enforcer. Punk tells Paul Heyman to fix it. Heyman says we’re out of options then asks about Brad Maddox. Punk says “Fix that too!” then walks off as Paul Heyman looks concerned.

Match 05: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs.
Primo, Epico, and The Prime Time Players

RicRod comes down to the ring and hands Rosa Mendes a note.

Back to the match:

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

Backstage: Brad “#HeartthrobRef” Maddox getting prepared for his match. Paul Heyman walks over and tells the camera crew to stop filming, then asks Maddox to take a walk with him.

A new Fandango Promo

Backstage: The Miz is on the phone saying he knows he’s not on Survivor Series but he knows he’ll make an impact at the show. Dolph Ziggler walks up and says he knows Miz is going to beg him to join the new and improved Team Ziggler after Miz saw Dolph lead his team to victory tonight. Miz says he didn’t see Ziggler win, but he did see Ziggler lose to Randy Orton beat him and AJ slap him. Ziggler tells Miz that he’s not even Team Ziggler material, but Miz fires back with the fact he’s main evented Wrestlemanias and won a WWE champions while Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler cuts Miz off to address Mick Foley, who’s standing there. Ziggler mocks Foley for trusting the WWE Universe and says that’s almost as bad as putting a quitter like Miz on Foley’s team. Foley challenges Ziggler to have two members of Team Ziggler take on two members of Team Foley tonight. Ziggler picks Rhodes Scholars, while Foley picks the winner of the #RAWActive Poll and Kane. Dolph Ziggler walks off as Foley tells him, “Amy Schumer said hello”

The Miz tells Mick Foley that he knows they’ve never seen eye to eye. Foley says he’s never liked The Miz. Miz understands, but pitches to be on the ballot for Team Foley at Suvivor Series. Miz says he knows they don’t like each other, but he should think about it because it would be great beating Team Ziggler. Miz says it wouldn’t be great, it would be “AWEEEESOMEEE!” Foley tells Miz that he doesn’t like Miz’s chances, but he’s on the ballot.

RAWActive Choices:

#WWESantino, #WWERyder and #WWEMiz

Match 06: R-Truth vs. Tensai

Antonio Cesaro comes out for commentary with a “man-purse.” Cesaro mocks R-Truth for talking to an imaginary boy like Little Jimmy because he’s a once proud Superstar that became a joke, just like the United States of America, a once proud country that became a joke. Cesaro says that at Survivor Series, he will show R-Truth and everyone else that you don’t mess with a Super Power


Winner: R-Truth

Post-match, Antonio Cesaro tries to speak but R-Truth snatches the mic from Cesaro. R-Truth does a terrible knock knock joke. Truth tells Cesaro that he’s going to knock Cesaro’s teeth down his esophagus.

Match 07: Heartthrob Ref vs. The Ryback

An ambulance pulls up as Brad “#HearthrobRef” Maddox walks out. Jerry Lawler jokes about it.

Ryback demolishes Heartthrob Ref.

Winner: The Ryback

Post-Match, Ryback continues the assault on HTR.

Ryback hits a clothesline on the outside then says “I. HIT. HARD.”

Ryback sticks Maddox in the Ambulance.

Match 08: Sheamus vs. David Otunga

Michael McGillicutty, Natalya and William Regal are watching this match backstage.

Winner: Sheamus

Post-match, Sheamus tells Big Show that exactly what happened to David Otunga is what’s going to happen to him at Survivor Series. Sheamus claims he’s going to take his Brogue, hit Big Show in the head and win the World Heavyweight Championship. On the titantron, Big Show is seen assaulting William Regal. Big Show tells Sheamus “This is what’s going to happen at Survivor Series” then knocks out William Regal. Sheamus runs to the back to save Regal.

Backstage: Josh Mathews gives an update on William Regal’s condition.

Backstage: Kane is seen walking towards the ring as Daniel Bryan tries to talk to him. Kane finally asks Bryan what he wants. Bryan sarcastically wishes Kane luck with his new partner, showing jealousy. Kane says he doesn’t have a new partner, they have a new teammate. Daniel Bryan says that if Mick Foley came to him to team with someone else, he would’ve refused. Daniel Bryan tries to play the sympathy card tries to convince Kane to tell Mick Foley to let them go out there as a team together. By the time Bryan finishes his idea, Kane is already gone. Bryan chants “NO!” several times.

Match 09: Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Kane and….

#RAWActive Results:

Daniel Bryan comes out angry and upset. Bryan raises Kane’s hand.

Match 09: Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Kane and The Miz

Daniel Bryan tries to attack The Miz outside but fails.

Winners: The Miz and Kane 

Post-match, Daniel Bryan interrupts The Miz and Kane celebrating and tries to raise Kane’s hand. The Miz and Bryan go back and forth trying to raise Kane’s hand.

Match 10: John Cena vs. CM Punk

Paul Heyman tries to interfere, but Mick Foley stops him. CM Punk tries to hit the GTS on John Cena but Cena turns it into the STF.

CM Punk grabs the ropes then tries to leave the match, but Ryback stands at the front of the ramp. Punk runs back into the ring right into an AA.

Winner: John Cena

Post-Match, Ryback and John Cena have a stare down over the WWE Championship. Both Cena and Ryback pick the title up continuing their staredown until CM Punk tries to get his belt back whining that the WWE Championship is his.

So That Happened:

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