Highlight Reel: Jake "The Tweet" Roberts

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

With the amount of wrestlers on Twitter these days, it seems like Social Media is a class at every wrestling school. WWE, TNA and the Indies are aware of the effect Social Media has on the industry and individual wrestler interaction is essential on maintaining and increasing your fanbase. Even the Legends of Wrestling take to Twitter, whether it be to rant, curse or – in the case of the Iron Sheik – do both.

But even legendary wrestlers need to start somewhere. Luckily, with this video on DDP’s YouTube Page, we get to see how Jake The Snake Roberts learns how to use Twitter. Let’s just say it’s a “colorful” lesson.

Jake’s brain doesn’t explode in the same way that DMX’s does when he learns about Google for the first time but it’s pretty special. He even explores further in Part 2 where he uses Twitter’s most powerful word: Bieber.

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