Snapshots: CM Parka

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Halloween ain’t over until the last candy corn is eaten and we’re still working through the big bag of sweets. So, we did a small roundup of wrestlers dressed for Halloween courtesy of the internet. Some wrestlers dressed up like the superheroes they already are; Taryn Terrell traded in her sexy referee costume to go as the White Queen, Emma Frost. The Rock, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment opted for Gamma Radiation instead, turning him into The Incredible Hulk. Some wrestlers had a bit of fun and dressed as other wrestlers. Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck went as the Aces and Eights, even! (Just Kidding. They’re the Sons of Anarchy. Curt’s still under contract). But once again, the Best in The World took a page from the Chairman of WCW, La Parka.

Image Courtesy of Tumblr
Either this is CM Punk’s one man campaign to get La Parka into the Hall of Fame (which we fully endorse!) or he is stealing from La Parka. If it’s the latter, be careful, CM Punk. That’s Strike 2!
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