Snapshots (Fan Submitted): Light Lucha Reading

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share

A few weeks ago, we noticed a Wrestling magazine on the TV show Happy Endings. We may have stumbled across a trend. ThreeManBoother and Better With You enthusiast SunnyDewhite (Follow!) sent us this screenshot from 30 Rock. In it, Tracy Jordan is doing some light reading of “Heterosexual Wrestling Magazine,” which we’re not really sure actually exists.

Image Courtesy of @SunnyDewhite

So, it turns out that both Max Blum of Happy Endings and Tracy Jordan of 30 Rock are wrestling enthusiasts, hilarious, and possible kindred spirits. Keep your eyes peeled for any other wrestling magazines on your favorite comedies; if you let us know, we’ll feature it (and you) in Snapshots!

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