So That Happened: 10/29/12

RAW kicks off with CM Punk hobbling to the ring showing the wounds from last nights HIAC. CM Punk celebrates by telling the WWE Universe that they were wrong because they all thought he wasn’t able to beat The Ryback, but he proved them wrong.

CM Punk says that he was able to beat all of the WWE’s Heroes: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, John Cena and that Ryback isn’t even in the same league. Punk goes on to talk about Brad Maddox’s referee turn and says he went “Rogue” and that CM Punk had nothing to do with it.

CM Punk brags about beating more heroes such as Triple H and Mr. McMahon, and says that the WWE has tried to erase him, but he is un-erasable because he is the Best In The World. CM Punk says he will not be interrupted until he is interrupted by Mick Foley!

CM Punk introduces Mick Foley, calling a homeless man from the Northeast Hurricane Sandy and ended up here.

Mick Foley tells him to stay classy then mentions Ryback Shellshocking Punk on the top of the cell. CM Punk asks Foley if he came out here to try and embarrass him, but Foley responds by saying Punk embarrassed himself by his actions at Hell In a Cell. Mick Foley reminds CM Punk about his statistic or legend comment then says Punk blew it last night. Punk tells Foley not to bark at him about tradition because he’s banged up and still WWE Champion.

CM Punk says Mick Foley wants to question him about tradition, so he wants to settle this dispute once and for all at Survivor Series. Punk proposes a Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, Team Punk vs. Team Foley. Mick Foley accepts!

CM Punk is about to say that he will destroy whoever CM Punk picks, but Ryback’s theme plays and the crowd goes nuts. Ryback storms out as CM Punk runs for the hills. Ryback stands besides Mick Foley then leads the crowd in “Feed. Me. More.” Chants.

Match 01:  Ryback vs JTG

Winner: The Ryback

Post-Match, Josh Mathews has the honor of interviewing Ryback. Mathews tries to talk to Ryback but Ryback grabs the mic.

Ryback says, “Revenge is a confession of pain. I am not hurt. I am hungry. And when I feast again, it will be on CM Punk.”

Ryback leads a “Feed Me Punk” chant.

Match 02: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Randy Orton throws Wade Barrett into the Spanish Announce Table.

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage: AJ Lee is waiting in Vickie Guerrero’s office. Vickie Guerrero walks in and gives AJ grief about her alleged affair with John Cena. AJ defends herself until Vickie Guerrero tells her that the Board Of Directors is condiering giving AJ a job aas an in-ring competitor and WWE Diva. Vickie Guerrero sees AJ roll her eye then says she has all the information she needs, tells AJ good day and preapres to leave. AJ stops Vickie and apologizes, saying that all she wants to do is perform.

Vickie Guerrero reconsiders and decides to gives AJ Lee an interview. Vicks asks AJ what her biggest weakness is. AJ says that sometimes she gets too emotionally attached to her job. Vickie asks AJ if that means she’s crazy, which almost causes AJ to snap but she calms down.  Vickie tells AJ that when she comes back to her office, AJ needs to give her one good reason why Vickie should offer her a contract.

Match 03: Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players

Kane hits the Chokeslam on Darren Young.

Winners: Team Hell No

History Of Heartthrob Ref:

Vickie Guerrero’s Proof: 

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces herself. She says she promises to bring integrity to the WWE. Vickie says that last week she said she has proof of John Cena and AJ Lee’s inappropriate relationship and this week she has the proof. Vickie then introduces John Cena.

John Cena comes to the ring and thanks the WWE Universe for putting up with Vickie Guerrero’s antics. Cena asks Vickie for proof and she shows the promo where Cena asks AJ Lee out on a date at In-And-Out Burger. Cena defends this by saying it was a joke. Vickie show her second proof, which is the hug that Cena and AJ shared after AJ got fired. Cena says that he was being a good friend and consoling AJ. Vickie Guerrero brings out proof number 3, which is a pic of the dinner Cena and AJ had together. Cena defends this by saying that was from the business dinner. Finally, Vickie asks Cena if good friends meet for romantic dinners then shows proof number 4: Video footage of John Cena and AJ Lee getting into the same elevator together.

A “You Are Busted” chant breaks out as John Cena stands there thumbfounded.

Cena says he knows how that looks. Cena says AJ Lee was going to confront Vickie Guerrero, but Cena talked her out of it. Cena says all Vickie saw was too people going into an elevator and nothing more.  Vickie Guerrero says that its highly unlikely that both Cena and AJ went their seperate ways. Cena says that he walked AJ to her door and that was it.  Vickie Guerrero tries to instigate further but Cena denies it. Vickie says it’s a good thing she’s in charge of Monday Night RAW because she would not have a psychotic, unstable, ugly-Cena cuts her off and says Vickie can call him all the names she wants, but when it comes to AJ, she’s more resilient, stronger and more attractive than Vickie Guerrero would ever be.

Vickie Guerrero tries to instigate further until Dolph Ziggler’s theme plays. Ziggler comes out and says we’ve seen enough to draw our own conclusions. Ziggler says because of John Cena’s inability to control his sophomoric urges, Dolph and the entire WWE Universe see Cena and AJ for what they really are. Cena grabs Dolph by the collar and tells Dolph he likes to talk, but he needs to make sure he never mentions Cena and AJ’s names in the same sentence again. Cena pushes Dolph back then walks off.

Match 04: Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston (Champion vs Champion)

Antonio Cesaro says while traveling this country as America’s United States Champion, he discovered that America has the fattest children in the world. And to make matters worse, Halloween is coming up. A holiday where fat children go door to door to ask for more sweets. Cesaro says the adults can’t see the crisis right in front of them even if it’s standing in front of them dressed as a fat Power Ranger. Cesaro says America needs Antonio Cesaro as their United States Champion now more than ever.

The Miz is on commentary. 

Kofi Kingston throws Antonio Cesaro into The Miz. Kofi tries to get back into the ring, but The Miz attacks him.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (by DQ)

Post-Match, Kofi Kingston gets attacked by Miz and Antonio Cesaro until R-Truth makes the save.

Backstage: AJ Lee is waiting for Vickie Guerrero. Vickie comes into her office and apologizes to AJ for keeping her waiting then says she’s sure AJ heard the lie John Cena said about AJ and Cena’s relationship. Vickie says that AJ has to admit she cares a little bit about Cena. AJ says nothing’s going on, but Vickie Guerrero asks about the pillow talk and if Cena was romantic and sweet.

Vickie Guerrero tells AJ Lee to just admit to the affair with John Cena. If AJ does, Vickie will put her on the roster and make her a WWE Diva. AJ  tells Vickie no then says that nothing happened. AJ says she doesn’t know who’s starting these rumors but she refuses to admit that. AJ says the WWE means everything to her, but Vickie is not worth lying for, or hurting John or shredding her dignity.

AJ gets ready to leave but Vickie Guerrero stops her.  Vickie says AJ is hired under one condition: If she ever lays a hand on Vickie again, she will never be allowed around this company again.  Vickie welcomes AJ back to the WWE and says her first match will be against Beth Phoenix. AJ gets angry then smiles and says “Thanks Vickie!” before walking off.

Three Man Band: Behind The Music:

The interviewer asks what “3MB” is. Heath Slater says that they are more than just any Three Man Band. Jinder Mahal says they’re trancendent. Slater says they connect with the people because they love us and the people love them. Mahal says they’re all very talented musicians and they take their craft very seriously, but Mahal can admit, he’s kind of the of the class clown. He has a reputation for being the fun one. Then makes this face.

Courtesy of irishwhip

Drew McIntyre says when people think of rock stars, they think of skinny, scrawny toothpicks like Bono. McIntyre says if Bono’s life was on the line, he guarantees Bono would not be able to do at least one deadlife. Heath Slater says Drew’s words are beautiful then that life in 3MB is going great.

The announcer asks if people are finally going to see 3MB Perform and they get defensive. Slater asks if the announcer is pressuring them while Jinder Mahal asks if they work at Lenscrafters because they can’t churn out smash hits in one hour or less. Mahal says they’re artists. McIntyre asks if reporters ever walked up to Michaelangelo and asked when his statues were down. Slater says that the interview is over and that the only thing the interviewer needs to remember is three “3MB.”

Match 05: Three Man Band vs. Co-Bro

 Heath Slater hits the Playmaker for the win.

Winners: Three Man Band

Match 06: AJ Lee vs. Beth Phoenix

Winner: AJ Lee

Post-match, Vickie Guerrero comes out and says she expects more from AJ. Beth Phoenix attacks AJ from behind. Vickie says to restart the match. Beth hits the Glam Slam for the victory.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Sheamus Speaks:

Sheamus makes his way out to the ring.

Courtesy of adormouse

Sheamus asks everyone how they’re doing then says he’s standing out here without a championship on his waist, but a smile on his face. Sheamus says people are wondering how he could be smiling right now after losing the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus admits that he’s disappointed that he lost and admits last night, Big Show was the better man. Sheamus says he didn’t come to WWE to always win. He came to fight and that last night was the greatest fight of his entire life. Sheamus claims he pushed a 7ft. 500lb Giant to his limits and is dying to face Big Show again. Sheamus says the next time he fights Big Show, it will be an all out war. And after the war is over, Sheamus will still be smiling, but now with the World Heavyweight Championship right back where it belongs, around his waist.

Big Show’s theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring with a huge grin on his face.  Big Show says the World Heavyweight Championship looks good on his shoulder and says he told everyone he could do it. Big Show says Sheamus is smiling because he’s hiding the truth that Sheamus gave Big Show everything he had, even the Brogue Kick, but he came up short. Big Show says he did exactly what he said he was going to do: Get in the ring, knock out Sheamus and win the World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd starts booing Sheamus and Big Show questions them for booing him for telling the truth.

Big Show tells Sheamus that their fight took him to levels he didn’t know he was capable of. Big Show says no other Superstar has made him dig that deep to want something that bad. Big Show says that the match made him realize that he has no limits and there is no stopping him. Big Show tells Sheamus that if they go to war again, Sheamus will be like Custer’s Last Stand and that Sheamus will be Custer. Big Show says it will be like bringing a glass of water to a burning building and the building is on fire.

Big Show says that whatever Sheamus brings won’t be enough and that he will enjoy knocking the smile off Sheamus’ face. Big Show calls Sheamus a “Red Headed Ginger Snap” then says that Sheamus can’t beat him and that he will never take the World Heavyweight Championship from him. Sheamus congratulates Big Show on his speech and winning the World Heavyweight Championship befor asking Show if he’s ever seen a Ginger Snap. Sheamus lifts Big Show up and hits him with White Noise then leaves the ring.

Backstage: John Cena tells AJ Lee that things are working out for her and to keep her chin up. Cena wlaks off and AJ Lee smiles at him. AJ walks off as Vickie Guerrero watches them. Beth Phoenix walks up and thanks Vickie Guerrero for winning the match. Vickie Guerrero says that if Beth did her job and won in the first place, Vickie wouldn’t have had to intervene. Vickie Guerrero decides to terminate Beth Phoenix’s contract and fire her effective immediately. Vickie Guerrero walks off as Beth Phoenix disputes that she won the match but Vickie walks off.

Match 07: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

Backstage: Mick Foley is showing WWE13 to Kaitlyn until he’s interrupted by Paul Heyman. Heyman says instead of playing videogames, Foley should be coming up with a team for Survivor Series. Foley tells Heyman that the team is already made and that people were lining up to face CM Punk.

Breast Cancer Awareness:

After a Breast Cancer Awareness Video Package, Mr. McMahon and the entire roster are on stage. John Cena is in the ring with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Vice President, Dorothy Jones and Susan G. Komen’s Nephew, Eric Brinker. John Cena says it was an honor for WWE to stand by Susan G. Komen, and that although the WWE Superstars don’t always get along, they all agreed they should join in and help the fight. Cena said that key ingredient to this fight was the  WWE Universe. The WWE Universe bought the gear and because of the Universe, the WWE is able to present a check to Susan G. Komen For the Cure for the amount of One Million Dollars.

Dorothy Jones thanks the WWE and John Cena for their donation and says that their hearts are eternally grateful. John Cena thanks Dorothy then the WWE Universe then shows Breast Cancer survivors and their families.

Match 08: Alberto Del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel

Winner: Alberto Del Rio 

Team Punk/Team Foley Announcement:

Paul Heyman introduces CM Punk and mentions that he is the cover boy of WWE ’13. CM Punk limps out in his WWE ’13 Hoodie. CM Punk displays the cover of WWE ’13.

Courtesy of JumpPushStart

Paul Heyman says that CM Punk is not only the Best In The World but the Greatest WWE Champion of all time. Heyman says when Punk asked him to put together Team Punk for Survivor Series, it reminded Heyman that his goal in life is to serve at the behest and pleasure of CM Punk: the Best In The World, and the reigning, defending WWE Champion.

Paul Heyman introduces Team Punk: First he introduces The Miz, followed by Rhodes Scholars, and lastly, someone Heyman believes is worthy enough to be CM Punk’s Co-Captain, Alberto Del Rio.

CM Punk says that Survivor Series will be a one year celebration of him at WWE Champion and the way to celebrate that is to defeat the delusional Mick Foley. Punk says that Foley wants something that Punk has and that CM Punk’s spotlight. Punk says Foley wants to be a on magazines and videogame covers, but he cant. Punk says the spotlight Mick Foley craves will cost him the last two teeth in his head. Punk says at Survivor Series, he will teach Mick Foley about respect and and most importantly how to survive.

Mick Foley’s theme plays and he comes down to the ring as the crowd chants “Foley!” Mick Foley says that CM Punk doesn’t know about surviving. He knows about weaseling. Foley calls CM Punk out on weaseling his way out of the Hell In A Cell and facing Ryback. Mick Foley says he has no problem referring to CM Punk as WWE Champion, but he has problems referring to him as a man because he disrespected Hell In A Cell. CM Punk asks for Mick Foley’s good ear then repeats that he had nothing to do with Brad Maddox’s actions at Hell In A Cell. CM Punk tells Mick Foley to announce his team or else he’ll start Survivor Series right now and beat him down. Mick Foley says he does have a team and that he would walk through the gates of hell with these people.

Mick Foley introduces the first team member of Team Foley: Kofi Kingston.

Courtesy of

Next, Mick Foley introduces Team Hell No. Foley says his next teammate is someone who doesn’t play well with other and that this person doesn’t like him. But unfortunately for Team Punk, the person hates Team Punk a lot more. Mick Foley introduces Randy Orton.

CM Punk says that his team is going to take out Kofi Kingston, then Randy Orton then Team Hell No, leaving Mick Foley by himself, so they can decimate him. Foley tells Punk it’s a good plan since Foley would be the weak link of the team. Foley says the only problem with Punk’s plan is that, Foley can’t be the weak link of the team because he’s not on the team. Mick Foley says the final member of Team Foley is….

The Ryback!

A brawl breaks out in the ring. Ryback charges in and Team Foley cleans house on Team Punk. CM Punk flees the scene, clutching his WWE Title as Ryback leads a “Feed Me More” chant to end the show.

So That Happened:

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