Halloween Havoc: Masked Warriors

Halloween Havoc, WCW’s October Pay-Per-View, No Longer Exists.
So … Let’s Look at Costumes Instead.

Sometimes, to make an old costume new again, all you need is one new article of clothing. Say you decided to go as the Mario Brothers – Mario and Luigi – the past year … a few years in a row. If you add some color coordinated luchador styles masks and you can become Los Hermanos Marios

Once the mask is added, it’s just a few extra touches: taped hands with corresponding letters “M” and L,” and – of course – The Mushroom Kingdom Tag Team Championship Titles. For the record, after this picture, the undefeated Los Hermanos Marios started arguing over their Titles. We heard a “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” shouting match as we walked away.

While Los Hermanos Marios are able to put their Sibling Rivalry aside for the sake of a costume (and championship), other masked inspired costumes may not be so lucky. The masks of Psychosis and Rey Mysterio Jr. are destined to fight, no matter who the wearer.

These two were just walking along when they found the masks. All of a sudden, they were transformed into rivals, now draped in spandex, boots and capes, and locked in battle. When we left, Psychosis had the upper hand, refusing to let go of a vicious headlock. That’s how we like to believe it stayed.

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