The Double Meme Event: Max Moon’s Here To Show The World

In The Meme Event, 3MB shares wrestling inspired Memes.

You’ve read that right. Our latest Meme Event will be a Double Meme Event. Consider this the Wrestlemania VIII of the Meme Event. Our first meme, we’ve been wanting to release for a while and thanks to the latest episode of WWE’s webshow, Are You Serious, we feel it’s the perfect time. Ladies and Gentlesmurfs, introducing Max Moon: Best In The Galaxy.

Our second meme, is based off another meme floating around the internet showing Dolph Ziggler cashing in his Money In The Bank on various opponents. With Dolph Ziggler guaranteeing he will cash in his Money In The Bank Contract at Hell In A Cell,  we decided to try our own version of the meme, but instead of Dolph cashing in on WWE Superstars, he’s cashing in on champions you wouldn’t expect. Introducing: Dolph Cashes In.

If you’ve read this blog, or know us personally, or are just a fan of wrestling in general, you know how awesome Max Moon was. For those who weren’t around for Max Moon’s brief visit to the Planet Earth, here’s an abridged version of why he was so great.

  • 1. He was a millionaire … from OUTER SPACE!
  • 2. He shot lasers, which may or may not bare resemblance to Ring Of Honor streamers.
  • 3. He was part cyborg and had a computer on his chest. He wrestled AND Skyped simultaneously!
  • 4. He brought back cornrows and power blue suits. You’re welcome, Fashion Police.
  • 5. He put over Shawn Michaels, turning him into the legend we all know today.
Currently, Max Moon is the ONLY wrestler in the history of the WWE to come to the ring with lasers and a jet pack.  Max Moon was part luchador, part time traveler (when he was billed from The Future) and part Windows 98. The only reason Max Moon didn’t last longer in the WWE, was before his match with Shawn Michaels on the inaugural episode of RAW, he was informed of some trouble on his home planet. Moon decided to put the young Shawn Michaels over, and make a brief return at the Royal Rumble, but then he unfortunately had to part ways with the WWE.

Max Moon’s legacy will live on in the hearts of the WWE Universe and all through outer space. These memes are a tribute to his intergalactic accomplishments. He was a trail blazer and deserves our respect. This meme is the least we could do to honor the Intergalactic One.Thank you, Max. If ALF can make a comeback, I’m sure you’re not too far behind.
As for the Dolph Ziggler Meme, we wanted to put  find it hilarious, but we wanted to put our own spin on the meme by having Dolph Ziggler cash in on fictional champions (and David Arquette.)

Both memes will be available on our Facebook and Tumblr pages this weekend so please check them out. Enjoy and remember…

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