Halloween Havoc: The Best There Is

Halloween Havoc, WCW’s October Pay-Per-View, No Longer Exists.
So … Let’s Look at Costumes Instead.

A good costume can be cultivated over many days, weeks or months as it takes time to figure out  a costume’s inspiration. In the case of the CM Punk costumes we saw at NYCC2012, it probably started with the t-shirt. But for Joe Munafo, his inspiration started with a contest, specifically a contest for Bret Hart’s classic sunglasses being available again for purchase. BretHart.com asked the Hitman’s fans to come up with videos showcasing their uses for the pink and black wraparound shades. Joe’s entry earned him third place!

In the video, Joe was able to show off the casual Bret Hart look: White T-Shirt, Leather Jacket, Jeans, Hitman Sunglasses. But for NYCC2012, Joe went full Hitman:

Tights, Hitman Sunglasses and White Boots! This is why Bret Hart is the Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be: his fans go full out with their Hitman inspirations. 

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