So That Happened: 10/23/12 (LIVE from the IZOD Center)

Three Man Booth was actually at this RAW and we thought it was a solid show. The crowd was interesting, as you already know, but the show was great to see live. We capture a couple of moments that weren’t on camera. But enough about us. Enjoy the recap!

Match 01: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars (Tag Team Tournament Finals)

Damien Sandow breaks up the pin in a very interesting fashion.

Gif courtesy of rocksaltme

Cody Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes and gets the victory.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

Post-Match, Team Hell No appear on the titantron and congratulate Rhodes Scholars on winning the tournament. Kane says the real question is if Rhodes Scholars will win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Daniel Bryan and Kane look at each other, then say “HELL NO!” in unison.

Kane says in honor of Rhodes Scholars’ victory, he would like to perform a little magic. Kane does a “No You See Him. Now You Don’t.” trick with Daniel Bryan, grabbing him by the beard and pushing Bryan behind him. Kane finishes off his magic trick with an *EXPLOSION* while Daniel Bryan struggles to get back on camera.

Match 02: Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty (with The Miz on commentary)

Winner: Kofi Kingston

John Cena Speaks:

John Cena puts over the New York Giants being in the crowd, Wrestlemania being at MetLife Stadium then “Hell In The Cell.”

John Cena says that this Sunday, the WWE Universe will find out that CM Punk is a man that tells the truth. Cena says that Punk has been champ for 337 days but the most truthful thing CM Punk said was before he became WWE Champion: Change. Cena says that at Hell In A Cell, we will see Change and Change is 6ft. 3, 291lbs and all he hears is chants of “FEED ME MORE!”

John Cena says that Ryback won’t come out and complain or promise revolution or ice cream bars. Ryback only stands for one thing: Destruction. Cena says that this Sunday, the face of the WWE will change. CM Punk’s theme plays and CM Punk walks out with Paul Heyman.

2 time X-Division Champion: Hoodie No Pants

CM Punk says it’s typical for John Cena to come out and pander to the New York Giants. CM Punk says he’s supposed to come out here now and let everyone know the truth which is The Giants sucks. Punk says he’s a huge Giants fan…The San Francisco Giants. Punk says Cena’s change is laughable and that he’s been champion for 337 Days and Counting, which means Cena hasn’t been champion for a lot longer than that, so that’s change Cena can count on.

CM Punk says he accomplished everything he promised and more; then says he’s the Best In The World. Not The New York Giants, The Sin City Rybacks or The New England Cenas. Punk says that Cena can speak for The Ryback and speak for him all he wants, but everyone knows that when CM Punk makes a promise, he means it. Punk promises to walk out of Hell In A Cell still WWE Champion.

CM Punk says that he likes John Cena’s new role in the WWE: Ryback Cheerleader then says that Cena has finally realized that he can’t beat Punk. Cena says he wanted to come out to let the WWE Universe know how excited he was for this Sunday’s PPV, but now he’s going to talk about himself. Cena says that it wasn’t that he couldn’t beat Punk, it was that he wasn’t allowed to beat Punk. Cena reveals to the WWE Universe that he is officially medically cleared then calls CM Punk out for a pre-ass whoopin before the real ass whoopin at Hell In A Cell.

CM Punk takes off his shirt then hoodie, then storms down to the ring and almost faces John Cena, but Paul Heyman keeps screaming at him, “You don’t fight for free!” Punk backs down then walks back to the ramp with Heyman, holding up the WWE Championship.

Match 03: Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro

Winner: Justin Gabriel (Yes. You read that right)

Backstage: A limo pulls up. Mr. McMahon walks out of a limo followed by a distraught AJ Lee.

Introducing 3MB’s So That Happened Social Media Ambassador: Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s own…Starman! 

AJ Lee’s Big Announcement:

 Mr. McMahon and AJ Lee are in the ring. McMahon tells the WWE Universe that AJ Lee had a meeting with the Board Of Directors and now AJ is going to tell everyone the results of the meeting. AJ Lee says due to allegations of her fraternizing with a Superstar on the roster, she is hearby resigning as General Manager of RAW.

AJ Lee says the allegations are completely false but she understands that she could’ve been fired a long time ago due to her attacks on Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman or some of her decisions, so that’s why she agreed to the resignation. AJ says she knows some of her decisions are unorthodox and some people may consider her mentally unstable, but she thinks some people like a crazy chick, which gets a huge “YES!” chant from the WWE Universe.

AJ Lee says her role is coming to an end sooner than she wanted but she’s come so far from before. AJ says she grew up 15 minutes from the IZOD Center and that she grew up with nothing. She lived in cars and motels, and went from being homeless to being the boss. AJ thought she was always going to be a little poor girl who amounted to nothing, but the WWE Universe accepted her, so she wants to thank us for every second because she loved every second of this job. AJ Lee thanks Mr. McMahon for the opportunity for the job because no one else would’ve given her an opportunity. AJ thanks everyone one more time then gives Mr. McMahon a hug.

Paul Heyman comes out and says that he can speak for everyone in this arena, saying that he was unaware of AJ Lee’s touching life story. Heyman says that it was a one in a billion chance that a homeless girl could end up being the General Manager of RAW. Heyman says AJ rose above her lack of intelligence, education, class and the fact that she was born a Jersey Girl.

Courtesy of

Paul Heyman tells AJ Lee no offense, but business is business and there needs to be a new General Manager of RAW. Heyman says that the Board Of Directors has to name someone immediately and that McMahon needs someone with class, education, dignity, and when the time is right, to demonstrate Ruthless Aggression.

Paul Heyman says he knows he butted heads with Mr. McMahon recently, but if he needs someone to step in, the next General Manager of RAW should be Paul Heyman. Mr. McMahon tells Paul Heyman, “NO!” then introduces not the RAW General Manager, or the Interim General Manager, but the “Managing Supervisor” of RAW, Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero tries to thank the WWE Board Of Directors for giving her the opportunity but she is being drowned out in boos. Vickie screams “EXCUSE ME!” then goes back to thanking the Board Of Directors for valuing her expertise.

Paul Heyman chimes in saying “EXCUSE ME!” then says that now that Vickie Guerrero is in a position of power, that it is time for her to make her first decision and that decision should be a momentous decision. Heyman says if he knew Vickie Guerrero was in the running, he would never have pitched himself as RAW General Manager. Heyman tries to get Vickie to change Mr. McMahon’s decision to put CM Punk in Hell In A Cell with The Ryback. Vickie interrupts Heyman then says that since she is in charge, CM Punk will still face The Ryback at HIAC. Vickie also announces that tonight, CM Punk will face Sheamus in a Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack Match. The biggest Lumberjack match in history! Paul Heyman storms to the back complaining the entire time.

Vickie Guerrero turns her attention to AJ Lee then gives her the triple tsk. Vickie says she knew that AJ wasn’t right for this job all along, and that her immaturity and little girl dress clothes are not right for authority. Vickie says that she, not AJ, has the maturity and experience to run Monday Night RAW and that is why the Board Of Directors believe in her to be the Managing Supervisor, soon to be the General Manager.

Vickie Guerrero says that AJ Lee’s allegations were that she was not only fraternizing with talent, but she had an affair. Vickie says AJ disgusts her. Vickie wants AJ to go backstage and pack up her things because this is her ring now, and AJ needs to leave.

AJ Lee almost leaves but she turns around, snaps, then spears Vickie Guerrero. AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero have themselves a catfight!

Vickie Guerrero leaves as AJ Lee stands in the ring laughing about the attack. AJ Lee regains her composure then does her final skip as RAW General Manager.

Match 04: The Miz vs. The Ryback

Credit to nahima20

Winner: The Ryback

Backstage: The Handsome Eve Torres is on the phone running down AJ Lee, saying that she’s heard about AJ fraternizing with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Zack Ryder even Primo. Eve calls AJ Lee unprofessional as Kaitlyn walks up. Eve tells the person she will call them back.

Kaitlyn asks The Handsome Eve Torres out on saying AJ Lee’s unprofessional, then brings up the attack from Night Of Champions. Eve tries to defend herself, but Kaitlyn shows Eve the pictures of the emails between Eve and Aksana. Kaitlyn says she got the e-mails from Eve’s iPad. Eve is appalled Kaitlyn went through things then tells Kaitlyn that she is telling Booker T about this invasion of privacy. Kaitlyn tells Eve to stop the nice girl act and that Eve is still the same conniving witch that she’s always been.

The Handsome Eve Torres slaps Kaitlyn. The two get into a catfight in catering. Layla tries to break them up but Eve pushes Layla. Layla responds with an “Are You Serious” then attacks Eve as well. Kaitlyn and Layla continue to attack Eve until the referees separate them.

Backstage: Josh Mathews promotes a Sheamus WWE Brawling Buddy then says a terrible pun to introduce Sheamus. Sheamus plays with the Brawling Buddy and says to keep it out of the sun because it burns easily. Mathews asks Sheamus about his Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack match against CM Punk. Sheamus says he loves Champion vs. Champion plus the lumberjacks add chaos and unpredictability.

Josh Mathews asks Sheamus if the lumberjack match will have a negative impact on his match against the Big Show this Sunday. As Sheamus speaks, the Big Show interrupts him. Sheamus puts the Brawlin Buddy in Big Show’s face. Big Show WMD’s the Brawlin’ Buddy, tells Sheamus to get serious then leaves.

Match 05: Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler


Kane makes his way down to the ring to encourage his tag partner, Daniel Bryan.

A Wild Starman Appears!

Courtesy of Jerry Sorrentino

An audible “We Want Starman” chant breaks out.

Back to the match: 

Kane accidentally distracts Daniel Bryan causing Dolph Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Post-Match, Daniel Bryan and Kane argue until Matt Striker interrupts them and informs them that Vickie Guerrero wants them to stay in the ring because they’re about to compete in a Theraputic Game Show. Matt Striker tells Team Hell No that Vickie Guerrero has made him the host for the firstever NewlyTag Game against Rhodes Scholars.

The NewlyTag Game:

Matt Striker says that the NewlyTag Game is for tag team partners to get to know each other. Matt Striker is about to introduce them, but Kane says they’ve already met. Striker tells Team Hell No to introduce themselves. Daniel Bryan says his name is Daniel, he is a former World Heavyweight Champion, he does not have a goatface, he is the World’s Toughest Vegan and more important than anything else, HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Kane says his name is Kane, he’s a scorpio, he enjoys long walks on the beach, rainbows and puppies. Matt Striker asks seriously and Kane says “HELL NO!” Daniel Bryan and Kane argue over Kane’s love of rainbows until Rhodes Scholars’ theme hits and Matt Striker introduces them.

Damien Sandow asks how dare they ask Rhodes Scholars to participate in such facetious tom foolery. Sandow says what’s going on in this ring is the very putrification of our society that Rhodes Scholars is trying so diligently to eradicate, and they will not be abetting such foolishness. Cody responds with a simple, “What he said” then says that they are going to beat Team Hell No for the Tag Team Championship. Sandow says “Your Welcome” then leaves.

Kane calls Matt Striker’s game show a bust, but Matt Striker tries to get the crowd to give Daniel Bryan and Kane a hand for winning the match. Daniel Bryan has an over the top celebration, chanting “WINNER! WINNER! WINNER!”

8-Bit Daniel Bryan courtesy of redbubble

Kane almost attacks Matt Striker but Striker leaves the ring and rushes to the ramp. Striker says he really wishes he could wish Bryan and Kane luck this Sunday, but he doesn’t. Striker bumps into Big Show who chucks him across the ramp like a bowling ball.

Match 06: Big Show vs. Kane (AGAIN)

Rhodes Scholars distracts Kane allowing Big Show to knock Kane out.

Winner: Big Show

Post-Match, Rhodes Scholars jumps Daniel Bryan then lays him out right next to Kane.

Backstage: Santino Marella tries to console AJ Lee, but it’s no use since it’s Santino Marella. John Cena walks up and Santino leaves. Cena tells AJ if there’s anything he can do for her, let him know. AJ tells Cena that she knows there’s a million things she could’ve been fired for, but not for this. AJ gets upset about the fraternizing and affair comments. Cena tells AJ to give her a name, so he can get that person’s side of the story. AJ cuts Cena off in the middle of one of his Cena rants and tells him that the Superstar she had an “affair” with was him.

AJ Lee says she resigned because she didn’t want to drag John Cena’s name into it. Cena remembers the business dinner he had with AJ and says they were “business friends.”

“AJ Lee says she thinks Vickie Guerrero is the one that did this then apologizes to Cena then starts crying. Cena hugs her then tells AJ Lee that he’s not to worry and that he’ll take care of it.

A ReyFearsPsychosis Parody: 

Backstage: John Cena confronts Mr. McMahon about Vickie Guerrero’s rumors about AJ Lee. McMahon says it’s not the time, but Cena wants to know what happened. McMahon says that there was some incriminating evidence. Cena says that it was a business dinner and asks Mr. McMahon if he ever had a business dinner.

Mr. McMahon says that if it wasn’t this, it’d be something else and that AJ Lee was on probation. It was a matter of time. Cena asks about Vickie Guerrero and McMahon says that this is an interim thing and Vickie is a Managing Supervisor, and he doesn’t even know what that means! McMahon tells Cena “it is what it is” then gets in his limo and leaves.

Match 07: Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Post-Match, Del Rio gets on the mic then calls Zack Ryder, Randy asking him if he liked that. Del Rio says this Sunday at Hell In A Cell, he’s going to cut the head off of the snake and be the new Apex Predator. Del Rio locks Ryder I nthe Cross Armbreaker again while screaming “TAP RANDY!” while RicRod shouts “Alberto Del Rio!!” several times.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero is ordering staff to take all of AJ Lee’s stuff out of the GM office. John Cena barges in and tells the staff to leave. Vickie Guerrero asks Cena if she can help him and Cena tells her to cut the crap because she knows what she did. Vickie reminds Cena that she’s the “Managing Supervisor.” Cena calls her a “Backstabbing Liar” just to be polite. Cena scolds Vickie for costing AJ Lee her job, but Vickie tells him that perception is reality, and that the reality is Cena asked AJ out on a date on RAW, AJ got what she deserved and Cena “costed” AJ her job.

Backstage: Josh Mathews has an interview with Dolph Ziggler and asks him about his victory against Daniel Bryan. Ziggler says he is then brings up the AJ Lee incident. Ziggler says that AJ can’t put her hands on Vickie Guerrero or fraternize with WWE Superstars. Ziggler says that there’s only one person to blame for this and it’s John Cena. Ziggler says that you’d think that AJ would have better taste.

Recaps on Caps on Caps: The Ryback destroying everyone in the WWE.

Backstage: CM Punk and Paul Heyman are watching The Ryback’s video package. Heyman tells Punk not to let that get into his head. Punk argues that Ryback isn’t getting to his head. Punk mentions being disrespected by being put in a lumberjack match against Sheamus. Punk says it’s been 2 hours and he already misses AJ. Paul Heyman gives CM Punk a pep talk and reassures him that he’s the Best In The World.

Match 08: CM Punk vs. Sheamus (World’s Largest Lumberjack Match)

Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Antoino Cesaro comes in and gets kicked. Followed by Mahal. Big Show chokeslams Sheamus allowing CM Punk to get the pin.

Winner: CM Punk

Post-match, The Ryback’s music hits and Ryback comes down to the ring. Punk tries to leave but the lumberjacks bring him back in.

The Ryback decimates CM Punk. Punk tries to leave, but the lumberjacks keep bringing throwing him back in the ring.

The Ryback tosses CM Punk onto the heel lumberjacks. RAW ends with The Ryback chanting “FEED ME MORE!” while CM Punk cowers in fear.

So That Happened:

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