So, That Happened: 09/03/12

RAW starts with Michael Cole talking about why Jerry Lawler isn’t at the commentary table. Cole explains CM Punk and Jerry Lawler got into a fight backstage then shows the footage. CM Punk ends up kicking Jerry Lawler and knocking him out.

RAW starts with the World Champion…Scumbag Sheamus.

Sheamus tries to butter up Chicago and talk about Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk’s theme hits and he comes out in street clothes getting a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

After a loud, and well deserved ovation, CM Punk tells Sheamus to not talk to his hometown because they can’t relate to a guy like him. They can relate to Punk. Afterwards, Punk talks about attacking Jerry Lawler and says the beating he received was “Chicago Style.”

CM Punk talks about teaching Jerry Lawler a lesson in respect until a little “White Knight” named John Cena interrupted it.

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CM Punk asks the WWE Universe if he turned his back on them, then tells John Cena that he agrees with Jerry Lawler and that if he does that, then he disrespects Punk. Punk claims Cena turned his back on the WWE Universe until Sheamus interrupts.

CM Punk calls Sheamus out for interrupting him, but Sheamus claims that he was disrespected CM Punk since Punk interrupted him. Sheamus challenges CM Punk to come to the ring, but Punk says he has nothing to do with Sheamus and that despite Sheamus being World Heavyweight Champion, it only means he’s the “Second Best In The World” so he should shut his mouth.

CM Punk and Sheamus are interrupted by AJ Lee. who means “no disrespect.” She makes two matches. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena and Champion vs. Champion: CM Punk vs. Sheamus

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Match 01: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Miz comes out to play…commentator.

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Harold Love:

Daniel Bryan and Kane in Anger Management (Featuring Harold) Pt. 1: 

Daniel Bryan shows his Anger Management collage, which is a collage of “YES” and “NOs.” Kane shows his Anger Collage next which is a blank piece of paper.

Kane takes his Anger Management collage, throws it in the trash, then lights it on fire Kane style.

Match 02: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and Tensai

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Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan and Kane in Anger Management (Featuring Harold) Pt. 2:

Daniel Bryan and Kane have to do Trust Fall exercises. Daniel Bryan has to fall back so Kane can catch him.

Daniel Bryan and Kane successfully complete the Trust Fall Exercise. Now, the two of them have to catch Harold.

Harold falls and no one catches him.

Match 03: Sheamus vs. CM Punk

CM Punk comes out dressed in jeans. CM Punk talks about how Chicago respects him and his decisions. Punk says Chicago knows that Champion vs. Champion is a Wrestlemania Main Event, and that Punk is a Main Event wrestler. CM Punk says that it’s Labor Day and that many of the fans are taking the day off of work, and that the WWE Universe will respect the fact that he’s also taking the day off of work.

Sheamus tries to call out CM Punk for disrespecting the entire arena by walking out.

Backstage: CM Punk tries to go to his car but AJ Lee stops him. AJ says he can’t leave because he has a match. Punk says he has personal days and today is one of them. As Punk drives off, Matt Striker asks AJ Lee what she is going to do about her Main Event. AJ asks Striker who she is then tells him to tell Sheamus to stay in the ring because she is going to find Sheamus an opponent.

Match 03: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger

 The Miz rants about CM Punk’s “Personal Day.”

Sheamus puts Jack Swagger in the Texas Cloverleaf.

Winner: Sheamus

Post match, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus brawl. RicRod is knocked out with the Brogue Kick when he dives in the way to protect Del Rio.

 RicRod is stretchered to the back.

Match 04: Handsome Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn (With Layla on commentary)

During the match, The Miz and Layla banter back and forth:

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Winner: Eve Torres

Post Match, Layla reluctantly shakes Eve’s hand.

Backstage: Jack Swagger leaves. AJ Lee tries to get him to stay but it doesn’t work.

AJ Lee is upset that Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and now Jack Swagger has left her.

Daniel Bryan and Kane  in Anger Management (Featuring Harold) Pt. 3

Daniel Bryan and Kane get into an argument and tell Harold to shut up.

Dr. Shelby snaps on Daniel Bryan and Kane screaming that they learned nothing.


Backstage: Matt Striker asks Alberto Del Rio about RicRod’s condition. David Otunga says that his client is not available for comment at this time.

Match 05: The Ryback vs Jinder Mahal

Winner: Ryback

Post-match, a loud “FEED ME MORE” chant breaks out.

Backstage: Matt Striker asks AJ Lee what she plans to do about RAW falling apart? AJ Lee makes John Cena and Alberto Del Rio’s match tonight a Falls Count Anywhere Match and orders Matt Striker to tell them.

Match 06: Daniel Bryan vs Kane (#RawActive)

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A “hug it out” chant breaks out.

The Miz explains the rules of a “Hug It Out.”

Daniel Bryan and Kane stop hugging and end up brawling with each other.

Backstage: Santino Marella walks to the ring

Match 07: Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Match: 08:  Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

Winner: Zack Ryder

Post-Match, Vickie Guerrero interrupts Zack Ryder’s celebration and calls AJ Lee out to the ring. Vickie organizes a sit-in until AJ comes out.

Since AJ doesn’t come out, Vickie Guerrero talks to a chair instead.

AJ Lee comes out to the ring. AJ says she spoke to the Board Of Directors, who told her that her actions were unacceptable. AJ apologizes to Vickie, but Vickie thinks it wasn’t good enough. AJ apologizes again but it’s still not good enough. Vickie pushes AJ Lee.

Vickie Guerrero slaps AJ Lee and AJ tries not to fight back. A “Slap Her” chant breaks out.

Vickie Guerrero slaps AJ Lee again but AJ refuses to fight back.

Vickie Guerrero leaves the ring laughing at AJ. AJ Lee has a nervous breakdown in the middle of the ring:

Touts on Touts on Touts: David Otunga says Alberto Del Rio is taking legal action against Sheamus.

Match 09: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (Falls Count Anywhere)

Randy Savage impersonator gets chants during the match.

John Cena tries to put Alberto Del Rio through the Announce Table with an AA.

Alberto Del Rio takes the mic and says everyone is beneath him and attacks John Cena.

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio brawl towards the back. John Cena gets an idea.

John Cena tries and fails to use the speaker on Alberto Del Rio.

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio brawl Backstage.  Cena hits AA on Alberto Del Rio but CM Punk kicks him in the back of the head. CM Punk drags Alberto Del Rio over to John Cena and allows him to get the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Post-match, CM Punk hits John Cena with the Go To Sleep onto the car.

CM Punks tells John Cena the word “Respect!” then gets in the car and leaves with….

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So, That Happened:

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