I Was There: TNA BaseBrawl

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

On Saturday, July 21, TNA Presented Basebrawl at the MCU Ballpark, right next to Coney Island. ThreeManBooth was in attendance to check out all the action.

To choose one highlight wasn’t easy but we’re giving credit goes to Mr. Anderson. As the first to appear before the crowd – well, second after Christy “The Human Energy Drink” Hemme – he livened up the crowd with his “Microphone from the Rafters Routine.” Except, We were outside; there are no rafters outside. Luckily, Christy “The Red Headed Red Bull” came to the rescue and climbed a chair to re-enact the Microphone Trick. What a Trooper!

To check out more photos from TNA Basebrawl, check out our Photo Galleries. Overall, it was a great event and a real delight to see wrestlers like Sting, AJ Styles, and Robert Roode who do not come to the New York area nearly enough.

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