Highlight Reel: The WWF We Wanted To See

  In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos.

Since May 5, 2002, there has been a lingering thought in the minds of many wrestling fans. See, on that day, the World Wrestling Federation became the World Wrestling Entertainment when the decision was made that the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) had violated an agreement they had with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and could no longer use the letters internationally. The Powers that Be, known for their subtlety, designed the “Get the F Out” campaign to signify the wrestling company’s change from F to E.

But the Question wrestling fans have had is: What if Vince had won the lawsuit? Because, you see, Vince McMahon is known not only for winning but for inning publicly. For example, after the successful acquisition of rival Company WCW, he appeared on both Monday Night RAW and Monday Nitro at the same time.

Or, when the main event of Monday Night RAW became a 10-Man Tag featuring Team Lakers (John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Jerry Lawler, Batista)  versus Team Nuggets (The Miz, Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, Big Show, Randy Orton) after a public dispute with Stan Kroenke, owner of the Denver Nuggets. See, the Nuggets were still in the NBA Playoffs, facing the Lakers, and the RAW was scheduled for the same night as Game 4 was in Denver’s Pepsi Arena. Vince, taking advantage of the public coverage of his eviction, implied that Kroenke lacked confidence in his team, since he booked the WWE ahead of time. He also hired a Kroenke impersonator to appear on that RAW, relocated to the Staples Center, and kicked him in the balls;  but, you know, it was a subtle kick.

Had the WWE won the rights to the letters WWF, I imagine that Vince’s victory celebration would have been similar to this recent scene from Conan:
Interspecies Matches! 
A Tiger doing the Five Knuckle Shuffle?
A Chair Swinging Turtle?
A Bear shaking the Ropes, Ultimate Warrior Style?
An Overbooked Finish?
Oh, What could have been!
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