Memorabilia Lane: Maybe! Maybe! Maybe!

 In Memorabilia Lane, We’ll Discuss the Significance Some Kind of Collectible
(T-Shirt, Poster, Action Figure) has on us and its Relation to Wrestling.

   At ROH’s Best in the World 2012, I suffered a little bit of YES! Fatigue. While waiting outside of the Hammerstein Ballroom – before the doors opened – the line went through waves YES! chants despite the 90 degree weather. Once inside the Ballroom – still before the show – the different tiers of the crowd amused themselves by starting YES! chants. As fans filled in, there were full rows of people wearing the YES! shirts, either from Barbershop Window or WWEShop.

    Since it was an ROH show, however, there were a ton of other chants during Best in the World:
“Best In the World”
“Cena Sucks” (it’s mandatory)
“We Want Ryder” (randomly)
“Man Up”
“CM Punk”
“Daniel Bryan”
“Kill Steen Kill”
… and so on. But when in doubt, the crowd always went back to YES! YES! YES!

     No one seemed more annoyed by this than Kevin Steen. After his match against Davey Richards, where he successfully retained, he proceeded to accuse the New York crowd of being hypocrites. For cheering for El Generico (Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!) during the Final Battle 2010 against Steen. For cheering for Steen’s return to ROH (Let Steen Fight! Let Steen Fight!) at Best in the World 2011. For cheering for each ROH World Champion Title contender until they won; then New York booed the Champion, habitually. While this is a fair assessment, in truth, I never stopped booing for Tyler Black or Davey Richards.

     But the biggest offense to Steen seem to be the constant YES! YES! YES! chants, especially since Daniel Bryan – not former ROH champion Bryan Danielson – is a wrestler in the WWE. In the full spirit of addressing all hypocritical behavior, Steen pointed out that he’d been a hypocrite too, discrediting Richrads publicly while respecting him privately. The one thing he didn’t mention? His new t-shirt is “loosely inspired” by a John Cena shirt.

     Even so, this recent ROH experience has putting away my YES! YES! YES! shirt for a little while and choosing something more neutral and less decisive. Courtesy of Try This On For Size:

is the shirt for me for a little while. Steen will probably still find a way to call me a hypocritical piece of sh*t. He’s a sick f*ck like that.

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