Snapshots: The Art Of Wrasslin

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for funny images to share.

The first place I go for funny wrestling comics is the Art Of Wrasslin.

Art Of Wrasslin is run by artist and long time friend, Coco. A wrestling fan since 2003, her website  has been viewed by thousands. Her art has even graced the pages of Figure Four Online; Ricardo Rodriguez even used it as his Profile Picture on Twitter!

Coco’s knack for comedy and her love of wrestling blend perfectly in her comics. She has fun with it, whether wrestling is at high or low point. When not drawing, you can find her running the Alberto Del Rio fansite, Del Rio Source.

Preview more of her artwork available after the jump. You can find more of her comics on Tumblr as well as here on Three Man Booth. Enjoy, comment, and feel free to follow Coco on Twitter.

Chris Jericho continues to torment CM Punk
David Otunga: (Johnny) Ace Attorney
 Beth Phoenix REALLY wants Kelly Kelly to cry
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