Everything Is Wrestling: What has Mr. Met so upset?

Last night, after another disappointing loss for The Mets to the Milwaukee Brewers, the lovable Mets mascot, Mr. Met was seen channeling his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Mr. Met’s Attitude Era-esque actions have us wondering why he would have such a sudden change of heart? Was it the 7-1 loss to the Brewers? Was it The Mets 23-28 record this year? Was Mr. Met just a fan of Pepsi? Or was it something else?

Two years ago, at Citi Field, the Legends Of Wrestling put on an event featuring some of the biggest names in pro wrestling. You had the option of meeting Hall Of Famers like Bret Hart and Ric Flair, or checking out the in-ring action featuring a mix of stars like Rob Van Dam, Luke Gallows and Curt Hawkins. During the show, Hawkins, a long time Mets fans was accompanied to the ring by none other than Mrs. Met herself.


According to Hawkins’ Twitter, he was in attendance at last night’s Mets game.

Mr. Met must’ve saw Hawkins in the crowd and lost it.


We sympathize, Mr. Met, but Mrs. Met made her choice and it’s time to Face The Facts!

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