So That Happened: The #RAW Moment (04/24/17)

This week’s RAW featured a lot of interesting segments. Chris Jericho got a new jacket from Dean Ambrose.

Apollo Crews got a new father.

Alexa Bliss got a new comeback.

And The Miz got a new friend.

…Well. Almost.

But despite all of these segments, there is only one worthy of being The RAW Moment of the week.

And no, it’s not Maryse slapping Rhyno’s cheese and crackers.

It was the Dumpster Match between Kalisto and Braun Strowman…which Kalisto actually won!

It was a victory that poor Kalisto would immediately regret.

Poor Kalisto. Who knows if or when we will ever see him again?

We hope to see Kalisto again in the future. And we hope to see you next week for another RAW Moment!

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