I Was There: New York Comic Con 2016

Our New York Comic Con tradition continues! Not only do we catch up with old friends, but we find out more about new wrestling comics, get the latest updates on newer comics like La Mano del Destino, and  Headlocked, one of our favorite wrestling-based comics, made dreams come true by uniting these two peeps at their booth.


But what would New York Comic Con be without cosplay? And there were many amazing cosplays this year, of some of our favorite things:



Street Fighter


Dragon Ball Z/Super


The Simpsons


And of course: Gravity Falls


But what kind of Booth would we be if we didn’t find the cool wrestling cosplay? Thankfully, there was a lot of wrestling cosplay this year. And with the help of the Three Man Booth elite (Drew and Khristen), we were able to capture some of the best wrestling based content at NYCC. Isn’t that right, Rey?


Wrong Rey.


Right Rey!

Now onto some of our favorites:


Kiera channeling her inner hugger, Bayley!


Bonus points for the Slim Jim


Cuppa cosplayas?


Undertaker vs. Undertaker Pt. II

But nobody cosplays better than The Boss (Photo courtesy of Drew)

Nobody cosplays better than The Boss (Courtesy of Drew)

We have plenty more cosplay on Facebook and Tumblr pages, so check out all of the Broken Brilliance there.

Thanks again for the memories, Comic Con! We’ll see you and your army of Deadpools Harley Quinn’s next year. Have a nice day!


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