So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (02/09/16)

It’s time for an all new #TotalDivas Recap! So let’s get started!

The Fox and the Hound dog

The 3 Amigas catch up over lunch in the cafeteria. We learn that Rosa’s baby likes hot sauce. But the real conversation is about Alicia Fox’s new man Darryl.

He hunts with a bow and arrow. But… Darryl’s ex girlfriend lives in Darryl’s house; he’s allowing her and her kids to stay in his place. Rosa and Paige are concerned.

In the car, Rosa suggests that Foxy should do a background check on Darryl for $3.99. Paige advises Alicia to not listen to Rosa.


Foxy runs a background check and finds out that Darryl is 50 even though he told her he was 45! Foxy immediately calls Darryl to find out the truth. Paige says they want to throw him a birthday party for his 46th birthday. Darryl says he’s 45. LIAR!

Foxy goes over to Darryl’s house, wanting to find out the truth. She asks the age question. Darryl explains that his friend Eric was the one who said that he was 45; he lied.

Thinking it wasn’t a big deal, Darryl just went along with it. Foxy doesn’t like being lied to. She takes her mic pack off and drives off.

The 3 Amigas kick off a Girl’s Weekend at a bar with chips and guacamole. Paige starts saying “More chips and dip” causing Rosa to laugh so hard, she pees her pants.

Back at the Fox Compound, Rosa – a morning person – wakes up Paige and Foxy – not morning people. Rosa also shares her go to pregnant food: pickles slathered with peanut butter!

Foxy says she needs help around the house. There’s a family of armadillos on the loose.

Paige finds a bigger issue: a SNAKE in the garden. Rosa takes off!

Later, the doorbell rings. The 3 Amigas think it’s Chinese food but it’s a bouquet of flowers from Darryl. Foxy is smitten once again.

Rosa says the flowers have liar and guilt written all over them. Foxy calls Darryl but gets her voicemail. Rosa screams “LIAR” at Darryl in the background the entire time.

Back in Florida, the 3 Amigas FINALLY get Chinese food. Foxy reveals that Darryl is the first person that she has been excited to see for the past 3 years. Rosa thinks she misjudged the situation. She reveals that her relationship isn’t perfect. Her guy is atheist and Rosa is a die-hard Christian. Paige reveals that her relationship isn’t perfect either. She says she’s not sure if she’s going to break up with Kevin.

Paige doesn’t do relationships well and she’s at that stage where Kevin is beginning to annoy her.

Eva and Mandy’s Bogus Journey Adventure

Mandy and Eva Marie are training together at the Performance Center. They’re even sharing an apartment, complete with a working stove!

Backstage, Mandy runs into Nattie. She shares Eva’s idea of her and Eva become a Red and Gold tag team. Nattie mentions that Eva tried that before with Summer Rae. Mandy didn’t know that.

At the Performance Center, it’s Bayley! And Nia Jaxx!

And Liv Morgan!

Eva gets in the ring with Liv for some training. She’s been putting in the work and looks good running drills. Mandy is impressed by Eva’s work ethic. Also, Mandy introduces Eva to Michael, her boyfriend.

Back at the Red and Gold Apartments, the trio get to know each other. Michael admits that he doesn’t like limes and hasn’t seen NXT.

Eva Marie says that she’s only been on NXT a few times and says that the criticism has been really harsh. Michael says that Eva’s story is similar to Mandy’s (minus the Tough Enough part). Eva says the best thing to do is embrace it. Any reaction is better than no reaction.


Then Eva and Mandy bond over their love of headscissors, the wrestling move. Mandy tries to put the hold on Michael but ends up hitting him in the head. You still got a way to go, rookie!

At the performance center, Mandy hangs out with Michael and Josh to watch Eva Marie take on Carmella at NXT.

Mandy can see the progress Eva has made. She’s going to go ahead with Red and Gold.

At dinner, Mandy says that she was surprised at how much she and Eva have in common. She also tells Eva that she asked the other Divas for advice, including for information about Eva. Eva says that hurts her feelings.

On the drive back to the Red and gold Apartments, the tension is thick! Eva is quiet the entire time. In the apartment, Michael asks Mandy what’s going on. Mandy fills Michael in. Michael thinks Mandy should have talked to Eva directly. If Eva gave Mandy the benefit of the doubt, why didn’t Mandy?

Mandy apologizes to Eva for not giving her the benefit of the doubt.


Eva accepts her apology and think that’s what Mandy did made sense. She would have done the same thing. Then they make a weird hot girl animal noise and hug.

Speechless Nikki

The Bella Twins are at a Best Buddies charity event run by Maria Shriver. Nikki seeing Maria give a speech to the audience, as chair of the charity, inspires Nikki to be empowered like Maria. Nikki declares Maria her Woman Crush Wednesday and wants to learn public speaking.

Before the charity bike race Maria brings Nikki and Brie on stage to encourage the rider. Nikki gets stage fright; she’s comfortable wrestling in front of 90,000 people but worries about getting made fun of for speaking.

Backstage, Nikki is kissing placecards for sometime to commemorate her becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion. Dolph and Nattie stop by; Nikki tells them how inspired she was by Best Buddies.

The Bellas are backstage. Nikki tells Brie she booked a speaking engagement at a Women’s Center.

Brie is happy that Nikki is so inspired by Maria Shriver but is concerned that when she goes to speak, all people will see is her hair extensions and her cleavage. Nikki says her style is Marilyn Monroe meets Jackie Kennedy.

In New York, Nikki and Brie meet with some of their friends. Nikki is fashionably late with her new look. Her wardrobe is a little more conservative (but there’s a cape) She also re-did her hair so that it’s a solid brunette color. One of her friends says that Nikki looks like a CEO. Brie thinks that Nikki can dress the part but wonders if Nikki can speak the part. Nikki’s insecurities creep up on her; she and Brie fight.

In Phoenix. Brie debuts her Experience Local event. Mama Bella is there.

Brie fills Mama Bell a in on the Best Buddies experience and Nikki’s public speaking event. Mama Bella is upset at Brie for making mean comments to Nikki.

Mama calls Brie out for being judgmental, not letting Nikki be herself. Mama Bella wants to get Brie a shirt that says “Dream Crusher.”

In Tampa, Nikki and John Cena arrive at the Women’s Centre for Nikki’s speech. Ann, the Executive Director, is excited for Nikki being there. Nikki is an example of a woman’s voice in a male dominated profession. Nikki’s nerves are getting the best of he; all she hears is Brie’s voice in the back of her head. But right before the speech, Brie calls to wish Nikki good luck. Brie tells her not to be nervous she knows that Nikki will do a good job speaking about something she’s passionate about.

Nikki gives her speech. And she’s crushing it.


She says that success is personal. It’s about what defining what success is for you. There will be times when you want to quit, where you don’t want to get out of bed. Nikki tells them to think of 3 simple words: NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Also this happened:

Backstage at RAW, Nattie asks Renee if she wants to get drunk. Renee explains to the uninitiated (Charlotte) what it’s like to get a drunk text from Nattie. It starts off as casual, but then turns into s stream of consciousness diatribe.

Also backstage, Nattie is showing off Tyson Kidd’s new Mattel action figure. She shows Cesaro who already has one. He pre-ordered it and got it a few weeks ago, before Nattie.

That’s it for this week’s Total Divas. See you next week! And remember:

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