So That Happened: #RAW Recap (12/28/15)

The Last RAW of 2015 begins with the return of Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon cuts to the chase to bring out Roman Reigns. McMahon would’ve done it sooner, but he had to have dental surgery due to Roman Reigns’ Superman Punching him. McMahon demands Reigns come down to the ring.

Mr. McMahon tries to confront Roman Reigns, but his mic isn’t working. The crowd chants “We Can’t Hear You.” Reigns tells Mr. McMahon to speak up.

Mr. McMahon tries to get Roman Reigns aggravated by reminding him that he owns the WWE, the WWE World Heavyweight Title and he owns these people.

Roman Reigns says Mr. McMahon doesn’t own the WWE Universe and that this belongs to the people. This leads to “Daniel Bryan” chants, which Mr. McMahon responds to with a loud “SHUT UP!” This just leads to CM Punk chants.

Mr. McMahon tries to get Roman Reigns aggravated again by bringing up Reigns’ family. McMahon says Reigns’ generation of family is “one step removed from a bone through his nose.”

Mr. McMahon further antagonizes Roman Reigns by saying he used up his family members Afa and Sika. Reigns shoved Mr. McMahon to the ground and McMahon immediately starts complaining about his injured neck.

Stephanie McMahon quickly rushes to her Father’s aid and demands that Roman Reigns be arrested. The cops refuse to arrest Roman Reigns.

Stephanie McMahon gets angry at the cops, but they threaten to arrest her too. Mr. McMahon gets up, claiming he’s fine.

The McMahons continue to get into it with the cops until Mr. McMahon puts his hands on one of the officers. Mr. McMahon gets put in handcuffs and his Miranda Rights read to him.

Mr. McMahon is arrested on RAW…again.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is shown pleading with the cops and claiming brute force as Mr. McMahon is hauled off to jail.


Kevin Owens faces Neville next.

Neville gets a very quick win over Kevin Owens!

Then a very brutal beatdown.

After the commercial break, Kevin Owens comes back for more Neville.


This beatdown continues until Dean Ambrose saves Neville from Kevin Owens.

Before Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch happens, Becky Lynch is interviewed by JoJo. Becky Lynch talks about her history in Brooklyn and New York, and how she used to bartend in the East Village, making us fall even more in love with her.

Sasha Banks and Team B.A.D. come out next.

Team B.A.D begin to trash Brooklyn as Sasha Banks reps her hometown, Boston.

Naomi trashes Brooklyn, calling it dirty and rat-infested. Team B.A.D. continues to hype themselves up before the match.


Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch come out to have a good match. But the Brooklyn crowd rejects it. Despite moves like this!

We know…

Regardless, Sasha Banks gets the win after reversing Becky Lynch’s Disarm-her.

Vince McMahon’s mugshots are shown.

After the mugshots, The New Day come to RAW and receive a hero’s welcome.

The New Day talk about the last time they were in Brooklyn and how they sang songs. They ask the Brooklyn crowd if they’re ready to hear another song, but quickly shut them down because The WWE Universe didn’t vote for The New Day to win Tag Team Of The Year or OMG Moment.

Kofi Kingston says every time The New Day comes out here it an OMG moment. Kofi brings up children misbehaving and reminds parents that if their kids misbehave, you call The New Day and The New Day will fight children.

Xavier Woods and Big E question Kofi Kingston’s tactics and call it an OMG moment.

The Lucha Dragons come out next. It’s Kalisto vs. Kofi Kingston.

Kalisto and Kofi Kingston impress But Kalisto gets the quick win over Kofi. After the match, Xavier Woods is fired up and challenges Sin Cara to a match.

Woods says Payback is a BIIIIIIIIIIG E and makes a match between Big E and Sin Cara.

During the match, Sin Cara gets knocked off the apron, dislocating his shoulder.

Sin Cara powers through and finishes the match. Despite losing to Big E.

MizTV is next with The Miz’s Year In Review. The Miz starts with January 1st but is interrupted by Ryback.

Ryback told The Miz that the WWE Universe doesn’t c are about the past, they only care about the future and the future is the Big Guy. Ryback also burps on the microphone which is as gross as it sounds.

Ryback hypes 2016 as being his year until he is interrupted by Goldust.

Goldust mentions it’s Awards Season and wonders if Miz will win a SAG Award, an Oscar or maybe even some Golden Globes. Goldust is interrupted by Zack Ryder. Ryder calls Brooklyn, “New Zack City” and claims 2016 will finally be his year.

Ryder is interrupted by R-Truth. R-Truth tries to get people to vote for him for Superstar Of The Year. The Miz reminds R-Truth that the SLammy’s were last week. R-Truth apologizes and says he needs a daily planner.

They are all interrupted by Heath Slater.

Heath Slater claims he has a lot to say, then gets cut off by Big Show.

Big Show ruins the fun by knocking out Heath Slater, taking out everyone else in the ring.

Rather than fight Big Show, R-Truth knocks himself out and pretends to play dead. Big Show picks him up and Chokeslams him.

The WWE Universe chants “Please Retire” to Big Show, but Big Show does the exact opposite and enters the Royal Rumble. Show plans to win it then shove the World Heavyweight Title up everyone’s behinds.


The leads to Big Show vs. Ryback, which ends in a countout when Big Show also realizes that he doesn’t want to see this match.

Dean Ambrose and The Usos vs. The League Of Nations is next.

Despite a good match, the crowd turns on it and begins doing the Wave. The League Of Nations joins in on the wave as well.

The match ends when #Scumbag#ScumbagSheamus hits Jey Uso with a Brouge Kick.

After the match, Kevin Owens comes through the crowd and brutally attacks Dean Ambrose.

Kevin Owens powerbombs Dean Ambrose through the announce table.


At the precinct, Renee Young is waiting to get a word from Mr. McMahon, who was just released from jail. Mr. McMahon quickly brushes Renee and other reporters off.

John Cena makes his long awaited return to WWE.

John Cena talks about how it’s good to be back, then mentions how this would be the time for a U.S. Open Challenge. Cena brings up Alberto Del Rio and The League Of Nations, saying they cater to other countries but not the USA. Cena calls Del Rio out on not defending the United States Championship on RAW and apologizes to the WWE Universe for Del Rio not defending the WWE United States Championship tonight.

Alberto Del Rio comes out with The League Of Nations and says the WWE Universe doesn’t deserve a title match. Del Rio says he picks and chooses when he defends the title and he won’t defend it tonight.

John Cena and Alberto Del Rio go back and forth, but Cena finally goads Del Rio into the match by calling him a “punk bitch” and reminding him that Brooklyn is the home of the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z.


Before Alberto Del Rio and John Cena, WWE pays tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead.

Alberto Del Rio and John Cena have a good back and forth match.

Until the League Of Nations gets involved. The League Of Nations jump John Cena until The Usos come out and quickly get beaten up.

John Cena get saved by Roman Reigns who spears Rusev.

Then Superman Punches Alberto Del Rio and #ScumbagSheamus. Mr. McMahon returns and tells Reigns that next week, he will have to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against #ScumbagSheamus. Mr. McMahon adds on that he will be the Special Guest Referee.

Mr. McMahon ends RAW by saying “Happy New Year” multiple, multiple times.

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